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  1. ok so hi hope ur doing if not i wish u luck and get better <3 so im again questioning if im on aro spectrum and if no, what are my feelings called ok so, this is list of things im feeling for my soft romo partner rn and ik its kinda crush/romantic feelings ?.. 1-i somehow desire romantic or soft romo relationship with her i dont mind much qpr as far as she love me most not necessary in romantic or platonic bust just love me 2-i get jealous when she pay more attention to her other partners or friends [ this is not only for her but i feel this for all of my friends and partners cause im jealous person in general ] 3- i enjoy romantic stuff with her , but i enjoy it with all people ? 4-im open for romantic marriage with her but i dont like marriage and its kinda feel me uncomfortable and thinking she want marry me make me kinda, or extremely uncomfortable but happy at same time ? cause i like people crush on me even boys ?! [ i dont crush back on boys though ] 5-i want her to be mine, but i feel same for all people around me somehow ok its quite sound like romantic ig but i want ur opinions and what labels should i use, thx for readding and taking ur time have lovely day <3
  2. So there is my friend , i really wanna be her fav friend i dont mind romantic relationship but i like qpr too, also i wanna say she mine she mine but i have these feelins to all my friends and etc , like this thing ( a thing like pen ) is mine this friend mine my mom is mine my lartner is mine everything mine and i cant find it romantic, so am i crushing ?!
  3. yo everyone hope tall doing better than me at least X,0 so ik some of u guys probably have read my old comments and posts but i was wondering, can i just identify as lithflux and aroflux ? like i mostly relate to both of this but not completely and idk if im alloromantic or idk what but i so badly wanna identify with those labels what should i do? any advice is amazing <3
  4. soo for while i felt like identify as aroflux or alloromantic , still not sure to wich one really fits me most so there is this girl, she is rn my girl friend bestie { both bestie and girl friend at time but lean to qpr mostly } so she confessed to me 2-3 month ago, or 3-4 month dont know exactly XD so i did not have feelings for her or if it was it was sooo mild crush/friendship idk what it was tbh XD but one day she asked me if can she get another partner to and i said its okay but for few weeks i was so jealous and i cried, but ye cause i scared i lose her and she break up with me { that time we was in romantic relationship } but now they are girl and boy friend and im happy for them and i enjoy seeing them doing lovey dovey stuff but if they dont pay attention to me i get jelly for sure , its like if two friend talk together and ignore me i feel jelly as well, i hate to feel ignored tbh :,I/ =,= { im jealous person in general for friend partner parents for anything and anyone u can think XD } but now i have all romantic signs, blushing and a bit heart beat , thinking most time about them, loving them a lot wanting doing lovey dovey stuff and all but i dont need to see they see me as gf or friend, i want them to love me most not necessary romantic or no { well im romance favorable and i can enjoy it with anyone } i dont get jealous if they get another partner to if it make them happy im happy too , but i really wanna more emotional closeness , i want them to love me more , i also love idea of qpr and i will love them if they see me as bestie too { i value friendship a lot equal as romantic relationship but it honestly depend on person } i like doing lovey dovey stuff as anyone { our relationship always been lovey dovey and i think it work this way better for us but } soo uh idk is it necessary romantic attraction cant i go with alterou attraction, by any way :,[ ?
  5. like when ever i feel crush or alterous attraction or any other attraction its only to two gender
  6. well tbh idk if im aroflux or alloromantic but thats how i feel most time duh!
  7. but the thing i feel more close to aroflux instead alloromantic or idk- its so confusing
  8. uh man i easily can get obsessed over someone or something idk if its cause my ocd or no X_X
  9. i would say if its about emotional closeness its alteruos attraction now it can sound romantic or no, its about emotional closeness
  10. eh not really, sometimes its trong sometimes its mild sometimes its not even crush tbh, and alright thx for advice ^^ though i did not understand well since my main language is not english...
  11. sooo i remember first i used to be aromantic then i changed to demi aromantic then lithromantic and then lithflux and then ... alloromantic for really long time so i thought i changed to alloromantic but last day i did not experienced any crush { ik alloromantic can dont experience crush for long time too } but the thing was , there is this girl , my girlfriend { we changed it to something btw qpr and romantic relationship like girlfriends besties } i always crushed on her { like after she confessed to me, 2-3 month later i experienced crush on her } but yesterday i just felt 5-10 percent crush on her like i always crush on her strongly but yesterday, was idk and when i asked her how much she like me etc i heard the answer i wanted she see me as gf/crush but i felt , repulsed !? like, what? i feel obsessed to her and feel alterous attraction but i dont know if i feel romantic attraction toward her anymore or no also what attraction is it when u know u like someone way more than just friend or qp partner, but not necessary romantic partner ? alright thx for readding i appreciate any answer <3
  12. hi there! im gonna try my best to answer to questions <3 so 1-its depend on person that is romantic partner , i cant say just any romantic partner is more important than friend, its really depend on person, so being romantic partner or no does not matter much 2- it feel like u would try ur best to cheer them up, u love them, u want them { in any relationship doe not matter much } u want be with them, u enjoy their company , and etc 3-yes for sure it can feel unhealthy , sometimes its not real love but it can be obsession, idk at least for me 4-it feel like a bit obsession , and u desire romantic relationship with them , idk what to say anymore tbh cause last time i felt crush was 2 day ago and i cant remember how it exactly feel like srry X,0 thats all, hope it helped even a bit, thx for comment and have lovely day! <3
  13. that how much they are pretty, kind or just so called romantic fantasies, planning on what to talk with them and etc, tbh i recently dont think about them constantly so idk but in general its more fantasies about future, { far or close } and similar i forgot to say i have OCD so i think about one thing many time like repeating thinking about it, so it can be different from person to person
  14. hi everyone ik some of u probably have seen my past comment , ik i might be alloromantic and ik its normal for alloromantic to dont feel romantic attraction for period of times but i just dont feel comfortable to be identify as alloromantic, i feel like aroflux since there was time i used to be aromantic then lithromantic then litflux then recipe romantic , then now but the thing most time my crushes lasts for 1-2 day at maximum or if i dont interact with them it goes away untill i see them again or interact with them though there are expections but for my expections the attraction fluid btw alterous and romantic attraction, should i stick to label alloromantic or..?
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