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  1. @Jedi , @nonmerci thanks you both so much i feel better and thanks you guys million time idk how to thanks well so i just tried my best and also sorry i apologized cause i think i mean i thought i make people sad and mad wich i do also i apologized in case and i wanna deeply thanks again for being super super kind to me and letting me stay here :>and yes i visit psychologist and uhh though i still have not talked about this subject.... and yes i can definitely say im spending most of my day to find the most label that fits me or if im even on aro spectrum or faking it cause i really fear from people judges and reaction but anyway heh idk what to say but thx you guys i feel way better and i think i can more relax search for labels and i deeply deeply apologize im so srry if i said something wrong rude or etc but thx u guys so much :> for everything 😊
  2. Hi so i came again for short time the label lithflux fitted me but now its just , idk im probably just some random alloromantic thats try to fit in aro spectrum, aint am? so uh srry if i made anyone sad by any thing...im just so tired from all struggles and sadness and confusion and everything i cant handle anymore ... so there has been girl i think it was really similar to romantic relation ship, like sexual fantasies and desires, holding hand kiss and all the things But i had no jealous feeling , like not at all jealous , and i liked to have queer platonic fantasies or idk the other odd thing is there is my ff i love her so much and its kinda looks like mixed of romantic and platonic cause i like romantic stuff but more as friend and i like being her bff as well other thing i was trying to get girl friend and when we start all lovey dovey stuff i could only see her as FRIEND or Bestie i could not imagine Well as her girl i feel more comfortable to being her bestie, her girl? sounds just one word to me but bestie and friend mean more for me and also i like kissing all though some people more and for the person i said idk its crush or squish or its mixed i dont have or did not have sexual fantasies but i have jealous but its mild and i have never got real heart broken im so confused idk what to do i think im only alloromantic or idk pls help i wanna cry srry for all these none sense srry im srry im so srry ;n; also sometimes i get repulsed if someone get feelings back when i have romantic attraction to them { its usually mild though } sometimes i dont have or if i have its mild and i get neutral maybe just a little happy i would be try relationship but i prefer being someone friend but just romantic talks and stuff as friend idk what i am anymore idk idk pls i beg im srry im so srry i just really need help i wanna cry i cant handle anymore for times i was thinking im lithromantic then lithflux then aroflux then now im so confused or as i said maybe im just some random alloromantic trying fit myself in aro spectrum again since i have been aromantic in past, please share ur opinions im srry if i made anyone sad im srry im srry..... though sometimes i feel pressure in romantic relationship i tried enter sometimes i enjoy sometimes i neutral some sotimes mixed but rn im crying so hard i feel pressure being someone girl idk idk help
  3. Hi! so uh i need help or any advice is fine, i will be so grateful if anyone even read this! <3.. idk why but i develop crush and have romantic attraction But.... when i enter one... i feel mad i feel crazy i feel i wanna shout and i feel im pretending and not myself im okay with romantic norms etc like calling someone babe.. { kinda okay } honey etc or kiss, cuddle etc .... ig its sometimes just looks like its not right... i seek romantic relation ship { even with my crush i some times desire as well } so much but always it last stand for 1 hour ;n; any idea whats wrong with me? { also when i see people crushing on me i enjoy and i may develop crush but when the relation ship start serious..... } { also when i see someone call me babe etc i may get uncomfortable for moment but then i again develop crush and again whe it happend i again feel mad uncomfy etc }
  4. Hi! i personally wanted share my experience, i have been aromantic asexual till last year but now idk what i am but may be on gray or spectrum im not sure but after while it changed, but i can tell u this it was not about right person for me, my orientation changed but i still cant stay in romantic relationship i feel uncomfy lol. so uhhh i guess it depend on person, people are different and how they gonna change or no is different, some fluid some no some people more fluid some less = ] hope it dont get u or anyone else sad heh =,>
  5. ye exactly TnT when it becomes reality i just get , feel really like no not my thing or idk replused , anyway thx for help = > i just dont know , im searching for my labels
  6. hi! i did not know where to talk about it soo.... i think i gonna ask it here srry if this made anyone sad, etc, i deeply apologize, so here we go:.. i noticed i develop crush/ but when i see my friends have crush they are TOOOO jealous or get TOOO heart broken or etc, compare to them mine are, crush but lol okay i dont get really heart broken even if i gte jealous its mild. beside i noticed usually most of my crush online are who they confessed me first and i beside that desire relationship but when i try to enter it even with my crush its get mild, i feel neutral, or some times rarely disgusted, or into stress feel like someone chasing me and the maximum girl/boy i had { im bi and i usually choose girls } it stand for maximum half of day cause i felt kinda uncomfy or idk, never really ebtered relationship beside i really really enjoy people crushing on me i may get crush on them too but relationship { romantic one } not really really my thing i guess but after we stay friend i get again mild crush but sometimes idk if its crush or no cause i have OCD beside that, i can have romantic fantasies about anyone and everyone and my fictional crush are more strong, i like fantasies but when it comes to real, sometimes it is just, um okay aha like this , so the other thing i really okay and love queer platonic idea, and Bff and squish but the things i really blush omg even rn im blushing im blush person indeed and ehem, i like do romantic stuff with anyone i like kissing holding hand etc but mostly as friend etc not really as romantic pratner, and ik this gonna sound horrible and creepy about me but i can fantasies about old women and kissing them and enjoy it { i prefer dont go to more than kiss lol } also i may even feel like i like touch someone leap even if i hate that person, i dont really feel like i need romantic partner but i can enjoy romantic norms with my squish and yes i easily get obsessive over anything so im just... confused just other thing i have been aromantic asexual till last year i was 16.5 now im 17.. and idk if im fully what but ik im not asexual more but about my romantic orientation, i just.... i need really help cause everyday im crying and struggling and suffer ;-; anyway srry for bothering u ;>😭😭😭😭
  7. holy moly @Nyusik i 80 percent feel like urs! i have to say thx u so much for sharing your experience it has helped me to know a much more about my feelings and that im not alone too i just scared to ask it here the only difference i have from u is that i feel neutral and i enjoy people crushing on me but then this click in my mind { so we can be besties! and do romantic stuff as friends } this is how most time happened to me , i mean i had some question, can someone be Both Bellues Romantic and Lithoromantic? im super confused about my labels ngl i have been aro ace spectrum till last year i was 16 but after i turned 16.5 i changed till now im 17 anyway srry for my bad comment ;>
  8. hiii! i most time feel like ur experience ngl! and but the thing is i sometimes okay sometimes not heh anyway srry i wanted just say i sometimes feel like u! <3
  9. thx u so much!... i feel better thx u all and thx u for being kind..
  10. Hi! thats right im alloromantic but i had some question about my squish, or idk crush im not sure, i wanted is it normal u blush and feel like ur face/head burning when talking to them, thinking about them or its mean its crush? cause i heard there is some people who has crush on her and i surprised but did not felt sad jealous etc it was more like indifferent, okay with anway srry for my weird question!
  11. as a alloromantic and allosexual person, im okay to handle some child around, BUT NOT IN MY HOUSE TnT i mean im okay with my current life but if one day my parents die by any reason or i get alone, i think i would adopt some kid, i think its fun to see some kid and watch how its grows up .... but my own child? i dont think, im indifferent about it also i dont think its much my thing, also i dont think i gonna have partner for raising child, the reason i chose im not sure is cause i can handle a it or being indifferent about it and im 40 percent dislike, 20 percent 40 percent like it, looks fun indifferent and how ever i prefer those old baby doll they wont grow up they not alive so im more comfortable. also i guess i prefer animals, how ever, srry for my bad comments just wanted share my thoughts like other.....
  12. Hi! i wanted do the quiz but it did not came upp eeekk QnQ btw i hope this wont bother anyone, so falling in love or crush in other hands unfortunately out of hands the main reason people get crush, etc googles explains : { Bukky Kolawole told INSIDER. Crushes are rooted in fantasy and tend to happen when you don't know much about a person but idealize what they are like, Kolawole said. ... If you get closer to your crush and develop real-life experiences and a sense of reciprocity, the crush can develop into something more } in my opinion there are all faults of brain for example i have crush or im still not sure if its squish but i really hate when i get crush on someone its really annoy me and i get mad at person sometimes cause i hate myself having crush ;-; the fact thats i have anger issues and i have been aro ace spectrum till last year { im not aro spectrum anymore i can say this clearly, or idk probably } albeit it has been were i was to obsessive with my crush like i could see her everywhere and thats kinda were scare me Q-Q
  13. hi! im not aro or/and ace but if u dont mind i would try to explain my experience from my romantic attraction if u dont mind! beside its all mostly my attraction and i felt like so heh anyway srry if i made ayone sad hope this wont bother anyone ;-; so romantic attraction, is usually painful for me but i had one squish wich was painful too TnT so i usually really blush to much, i feel like my heart is gonna explode and its really feel sick idk why TnT i like to be around them, my sensual attraction increase also i may or may not get sexual attraction , i usually day dreams when it comes to crush { i daydream for everyone even my oc, or flower etc i can daydream about anyone and kinda enjoy it or no } and u get happy to see them, but the most important thing that can makes u or anyone else, { depend on urself in not sure TnT i mean, nvm } or the way i usually understand its i usually leads to jealous like { ohh she is dating that person how about meee -n- } this is how i feel like and or its leads to im open to have relationship with them { im not really much into it but im open to it and i like dating people in online games like going to restaurant and talk about our selves, i automatic blushes idk why } so uhhhh srry this one was one of my most messed up comments >w< i deeply apologize just ignore this Q-Q
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