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  1. Yes! I feel like the initial response for a lot of people, on here or otherwise, when someone relatively young comes on, is them giving some good advice and then saying something along the lines of “just remember, sexuality can always change so don’t be too worried about sticking to a label!” While I, a younger aroace person appreciate the sentiment, I feel like it invalidates the experiences and feelings younger aros have a little. I agree, my sexuality might change as I get older, but people generally don’t say that gay people should “keep an open mind about maybe liking someone of the oppos
  2. I agree. And it makes me so happy that you relate to some of my earlier posts. I love seeing posts I can relate to! I think that a lot of terms work for the communities they were created for and I think there is always room for improvement and innovation. I do agree that the terms focusing on love can feel disconnected though. I hope we can both become more confident in our identities as the year moves on and continues into 2021!
  3. Waiting to come out makes complete sense and honestly is what I plan on doing as well. I also think when you are comfortable openly reading Loveless it is definitely a great one to read and I highly recommend it. And honestly, I love seeing rant-like posts and I often make them or think them as well. Often they are the easiest and clearest way to understand our emotions. <3
  4. Hi! I seem to be about you’re age and I completely agree and have felt everything you are saying. I think something that has helped me recently to come to terms with it is that people change and it’s ok if you’re identity changes (although I completely feel you when you say you’re worried about being too young, I worry about the same thing which is one of the reasons I’ve only come out to one person so far). One thing that really helps me, and I think about it when I’m doubting myself, is the book Loveless by Alice Oseman. She’s an AMAZING LGBTQ+ author and artist and Loveless has an aroace ma
  5. Aroacerabbit


    I’ve become slightly more comfortable with my aroace identity over the past few months, however I recently started thinking about the idea of coming out after my friend came out slightly more publicly. She is also the only person I am currently out to. I am not thinking of coming out any time soon as I am still slightly too in denial however as I was thinking out the possibility of coming out I realized I have never actually said out loud “I’m aroace” or “I’m aromantic and asexual”. I am perfectly fine with typing it out but saying it is a whole other level. I feel like if I were to actually s
  6. Hi! I can honestly say that I go through the same thought process and dilemma that it seems you are going through. Although I am still in my teens, I often go back and forth between thinking I want a long-term relationship, like those that alloromantic people have, however, the other time I think about how I might not actually want that, but just think I do because of the normativity or relationships. I think it’s hard for me because I hadn’t really thought about it until I realized I was aro and now it’s more difficult but I dont think I necessarily want to live alone, so whether that be a re
  7. Aroacerabbit

    Can't relate

    Hi! Although I cannot speak for you or know exactly how you feel, I do know that I feel similarly to how you are describing. However, I do enjoy romance stories, I ship many fictional characters together, but the think that I think made me interested, was that you said you don’t think you’ve had a crush since you were 9 and that you don’t really think about romance a lot. Although I do not know all of your emotions or your age, I know that, from talking to an alloromantic (non-aromantic) friend, most people have crushes many times after age 9 before their current age. Also, many people who fee
  8. So I know that in the US today is National Coming Out Day and I’ve seen a ton of posts about “Love is Love” and “No love is wrong”. And don’t get me wrong, I completely agree and think that it’s all amazing, but am I the only one that gets kind of upset because everyone associates the LGBTQ+ community with “letting people love whoever they want”? I feel like everyone just thinks that it’s all about letting people marry and love when there’s also all of the aro, ace, enby, and trans communities who’s LGBTQ-ness is not about who they love. So is it just me?
  9. So today I was texting one of my friends about how something was making me sad (a romance song because I’m aroace) and I was saying that it hit weirdly for me because it made me want that because I can’t feel it. She’s the only person I’m out to so I love and trust her very much. She’s also gay. However, every now and then she says “you don’t know for sure! You might meet someone someday!” And I know she’s trying to help and make me feel better but it makes me feel like I’m faking and doubt myself even more. It almost feels like it could compare to when people say to a lesbian, “who knows! You
  10. Thank you! And I’m glad I could help! Lol. Haha. That image of me as Sue in my brain is hysterical. And I agree, I have had that kind of dream/imagined that scenario and strangely, the significant other never showed up! Maybe they just had a super busy work schedule?🤷🏼‍♀️🤔
  11. I feel like I've asked a lot of questions recently but here we go. Looking back at when I was younger, even a few years ago, whenever I pictured and dreamed about getting married, there were certain things I always imagined. What my dress would look like, what the food and cake would be, and even the decorations. The one thing I could never picture was who would stand at the altar with me. Whenever I imagined that part of the wedding, it was supper blurred (like pixelated to the point you cannot tell anything about them. Gender, hair, clothes, etc) or just nothing there. I didn’t know that was
  12. Thank you! This helped a lot! (And I agree. I’ve always imagined my wedding, from planning it and my dress, food etc, but I’ve never been able to picture someone at the altar. It’s always been a blur or just nothing. Lol. Looking back, it might have been a hint!)
  13. So At the beginning of the quarantine, (March) I began to really look into my sexuality. I then realized that I was aroace. I’ve come out to one of my close friends who’s a lesbian and was the main person to encourage me to investigate my sexuality. However, when I have recently thought about coming out to anyone else, I get a slight panic attack. If I think about my mother, she has always been very pro-lgbtq, very open, and she was really open and nice to my gay friend when she came out. I know she knows about asexuality because I heard her talking about it to one of our family friends one ti
  14. Although I have not lived through this like your friend is hoping, I have felt a lot of the feelings you are describing. One of the things your friend said was that they didn’t want to be alone but didn’t want a romantic relationship. I would suggest looking up what a QPR or queer/quasi platonic relationship is and if it is something they might be interested in. From what I understand it’s like a romantic relationship in any way shape or form that you and the other person/people agree with, but there isn’t any romantic feelings involved. That idea has helped me come to terms with it a little a
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