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  1. I feel somewhat similar on the subject of touch.
  2. I think it depends on the area. In New York here it’s quite interesting how unbalanced it is favoring allos. But yeah, I think it’s a good point you made that they both seem similar with different intentions.
  3. The traffic light metaphor is a good one to explain. Holding hands and hugging I am fine with. Maybe a quick kiss or something is ok. But anything more and I am uncomfortable with it.
  4. I noticed these feelings pretty early on, or at least the notion that I was different from other people and my friends in this area. Only discovered a name for it recently, but I knew the feelings early on, and found a name just a little while ago at 12 years. I thank the internet for informing me and helping me find a community and label for my feelings
  5. Yeah so what makes me grey in my opinion is my straying from the allo/aro characteristics. While sometimes yes I feel a romantic attraction, it isn’t strong and only once or twice did dating even enter my thoughts. Definitely not alloromantic, but also not strictly confining to aromantic. Although I definitely feel closer to grey-aro than I don’t know grey-ro?
  6. I think that due to lack of understanding and acceptance about aromanticism in mainstream society, yeah, I can see feeling at least some sort of loneliness about not having a romantic partner. Although this loneliness would more be just how society feels and not how I actually feel. However if I have some close friends who I have a strong friendship with I think this mitigates or could even avert the loneliness felt. Then again, it all depends on how close you are with them and how much you feel and let it get to you about popular opinions and myths of society, for me it all depends on how they react.
  7. -Hated when other people immediately started shipping celebrities, fictional people, me and some peer -Only once or twice thought about dating and relationships, I like and can be friends with someone without dating them ya know? -Rarely have crushes, 2 ones that ever made me even think about asking for date. Ended up not asking and no regrets about that! -Other people constantly asking and teasing about crushes meanwhile I am not seeing the point and general contrasts to the romantic antics of a majority of population 😑
  8. While your friends are dating and you are not partaking in it and wondering what’s the craze about dating for? Never or rarely feeling romantic attraction, not seeing a point in relationships, not getting crushes
  9. I came out to a few people so far as grey-aro with ok results Some old friends: “that’ll probably maybe change, you’re still young” and “You just didn’t meet the one yet” bullshit. They were accepting I guess but they didn’t really understand it. (Not) surprisingly? the friends I met relatively recently have been better about it and more accepting/understanding.
  10. Sometimes people see only in black and white, either one or the other, for or against. There is also grey. How did you realize you were grey-aro, or what experiences helped you see this? I realized that I was grey-aro a few days ago. I couldn’t really relate or see how or why my friends got into or tried with relationships. I noticed that I very rarely had any sort of romantic attraction, few crushes. I also saw how I never had any relationships, much unlike my friends. I was confused and wondered if what I felt had a name, and I searched the internet for these feelings. And that is how I discovered that I was not exactly aromantic, but grey-aro.
  11. You’ve never felt romantic attraction and haven’t been in a relationship. I think that even across many experiences and ideas, this would definitely be considered aromantic. You can decide what label you want, if any.
  12. I identify as grey-romantic because while I definitely don’t fit with romantic, I also have some parts of the past that conflict some with aro. I very rarely have crushes, and even then, I don’t feel strongly and could care less. I don’t and will not expand or get into relationships. Even if I meet someone who is ok, I need to have really strong feelings for and known for a long time before I would think about expanding anything. And so far that has been pretty much zero people. I feel like I am closer to aro than romantic, but due to some past statistics, I can’t completely fit with aro. I hope that while writing this I didn’t offend anyone by misusing or misunderstanding aro label.
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