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  1. @aro_elise, thank you so so much for your input!
  2. Ok so I've read those peoples comments and it's hard to differentiate between romantic and sexual attraction but I feel that I might fall somewhere within that spectrum. It'd be hard for me to fully accepting for awhile, seeing that I live in a conservative family in the south so....there's that. I understand why people feel sad when they breakup. I've been asked out on a date by a guy who I found attractive in a different way ( I know I didn't feel any "butterflies in my stomach" around that asshole). He asked me out out of pity. people said they listened to the music they listened to, stalked their Instagram account and other social media accounts, READ THE BOOKS THEY READ (WTF?) and other stupid shit. I can understand being in love, but that seems a bit excessive! But there's always the thought that I'll experience romantic attraction when you go on dates (or maybe I won't and that'll be a whole ordeal in and of itself for me). I wonder if my wanting a relationship is 'cause I LOVED Disney as a kid. I've always wanted a wedding but I'm starting to wonder if that's because society's told everyone that weddings are fun and pretty and love is SO GREAT and so that means you should want one too! I've never gone someplace where I knew that someone I found sexually attractive was there and tried to impress them, which I guess is a sign that I might not be very "romantically inclined"? Idk. It's been awhile since I last posted and I still got no fucking clue what's going on??? Any help y'all could give me as aro's yourselves????? Sorry for the long-ass rant!
  3. I read this and only thought of people I’ve had sexual feelings for.
  4. So I’ve never felt romantic attraction. I’ve never been in a relationship but you don’t need to be in one to feel romantically attracted to someone. I’m almost 17. What do you guys think???
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