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  1. I have problems with anxiety and depression. I suspect I may have ADHD, but I could never tell my parents that to actually get any kind of treatment or even an evaluation.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Emrys and I've recently realized I'm aromantic! It was after reading a definition about what a queerplatonic relation is and it clicked very well. I am unsure as to my sexuality, but I'm beginning to arrive at the same conclusion that I did with my gender. Maybe I keep switching between various labels because it's fluid. So I may be abrosexual??? I am genderfluid tho, I've got that nailed done (tho there are a few other gender labels I identify with). So other than that whole mess, I do actually have interests. I really love Imagine Dragons, Starset, and Disney music. I play video games, though I've been low on time lately so Minecraft has been my go-to. I'm currently a freshman in uni and majoring in computer science with a concentration (minor but more focused) in cyber gaming and simulation.
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