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  1. Has this list been finished and posted somewhere? Would love to have a list of books I can suggest to our local queer education project
  2. Alin


    Thanks y'all for welcoming me! Nice to see other aro folks from Europe. 😊
  3. Hi, first of all I gotta say you kinda remind me of myself when I was your age (lol that makes me sound like an old person, I'm only 20 tho). I used to be in a few other forums around that time and my introductions (and posts in general) used to be pretty long and all over the place, too. (They probably still are a lot of times, I just haven't been that active in internet forums anymore over these past few years...) What I want to say with this is, I'm totally fine with chaotic posts, as I write like this, too, and I think we're going to get along well and I'm looking forward to talk
  4. I chose "definitely not" for marriage and "maybe" for kids. I'm a person who prefers having a group of (moderately) close friends over being fixated on one or two really close relationships. I don't desire being in a qpr and I dislike the societal implications of marriage even if it would be financially rewarding. (Maybe I'll move in with friends one day, but for now, I'd rather start living alone once I move out of my family's house.) I can't really see myself having kids in the near future but that might change one day. I wouldn't want to have biological children though, only adopt
  5. A few people have said it before, but also travelling. It's just awesome and it's even better when I travel alone (which I rarely get to do, alas). In general, I just love to explore new places alone even if it's just a park I haven't seen yet in my city. There's a hill nearby where our small airport is and I enjoy going there alone and just sit in the grainfields next to a small brush and read or draw or listen to music for a few hours. I just found out how relieving it is to actively allow myself to fidget after subconciously repressing my fidgetiness for so many years. Probably also th
  6. I put neurodivergent and mentally ill. I have ADHD (diagnosed since I was fifteen) and I was diagnosed with a moderate depressive episode when I was fourteen but that probably was merely a peak of feeling like shit due to underlying issues. Seeing the developement of my mental health over the last years I think it might be another type of affective disorder, possibly something like cyclothymia. Also, I used to have panic attacks quite frequently since november 2019 but I didn't really have any attacks for the last two or three months or so.
  7. There apparently also is an ace/aro meet-up group in Hannover: https://www.queeres-zentrum.de/angebote/ace-aro-brunch/
  8. Hi, I'm also new here! From your introduction I think we got quite a few things in common (I'm non-binary, aromantic and possibly pan/grey-sexual and I know the self-doubts that can come with being aro but not ace) so I'm looking forward to seeing you around here. Have a nice weekend!
  9. Hey everyone! (I just realized how much time has passed since I last had to write an introduction post in a forum...) Sooo, I'm Alin or Alu, I currently don't use any pronouns, I'm a 20 year old, non-binary university student with ADHD from Germany and I'm also aromantic. I've known about aromanticism and me being aro for more than five years now and since the beginning it's always been the part of my queer identity that I was the most certain about, but back then, I didn't really find aromantic communities (or other aro folks in general) so I just thought I had to settle with t
  10. Hey there! I'm also new here (although I'm not that new to being aro) and since I'm from Germany, English is my seconde language, too. Hope you have a great start in this forum and also a nice weekend! :D
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