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  1. Oh update! Everyone is on the same page now, I think, and for the most part has stopped being emotionally manipulative! So that’s good!
  2. And I think another one has gotten it! One more to go, but they're not responding rn unfortunately.
  3. Hey


    1. TimberWolf343


      lol I was checking out Arocalypse and I saw one of your posts. This place is really quiet compared to TS

    2. AroAnomaly


      It is, its insanely quiet

      but that can be nice when the fast pace of TS gets overwhelming

  4. Okay good news so the talk with one out of the three went well we'll see how the other two go
  5. Thank you both so much for the help, I am going to be talking to all three of them today (and my therapist lol) because I have suddenly had a burst of self-confidence. So hopefully things go well! Again, thank you so much!
  6. Thank you for the advice. I’m going to try and see what I can do, and this was very helpful. More context in case you have different advice with said context: I offered to be in a platonic relationship with two of them (who are also dating each other) but it somehow turned romantic on their part (I guess that’s normal? Maybe?) so that’s why I’m hesitant to ask to get out because I did offer to be in a relationship with them, if not the kind that we apparently are in right now. The other one also didn’t really officially say we’re dating but the attitude they present to me is no longer the queer platonic one we used to have but instead an explicitly romantic one.
  7. I hate it, mostly because of severe dysphoria. I don't necessarily see it as inherently sexual either. Maybe that's just the grey-ace in me talking though 😅
  8. I accidentally got roped into dating 3 whole people. And they all believe I have romantic feelings for them and I'm too scared of what they might do if I tell them I don't to stop faking it. The problem is not that there are three of them (they all know about each other enough to consent to me doing this) The problem is that I'm only doing it because I feel emotionally manipulated into it. I didn't want to let them down when we ~casually~ started dating and I didn't even realize we were dating until the "I love you"s became not platonic. I want out but they are all very high-strung and depressed and I don't want them to do something stupid 'cause I break up with them when I finally get to f**king tired of dealing with romantic sh*t So yeah. Also this is not the first time this has happened to me and no I have no idea how I managed to solve this last time. (I can't stand up for myself and just say no in cases like this because of the environment in which I was raised) So, in conclusion: HELP
  9. I mean really I think its whatever makes you feel comfortable and if the boomers have a problem, just flip em the bird.
  10. Anyone else ever swing wildly from

    "I wish I could feel romantic attraction, being in a relationship and loving each other that way seems so nice"


    "NO, NO, NO. No romance for me, get it out of my face or I will physically puke."

  11. Welcome to Arocalypse!
  12. And I’m actually toying with the idea of going by Arrow (because my dead name makes me wanna puke) sooooo is that not peak aromantic pun culture or what
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