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  1. Probably something like "you're not different from everyone else, there's nothing wrong with you". Also, don't be friends with people you don't actually like. This reminds of a few years ago when I had such a bad squish on this girl that I'd fantasize about going back in time and telling my seventh grade self to become friends with her before it was too late πŸ˜‚
  2. Since it's ASAW, I've been posting aromantic info on my IG story and there's this one girl in my friend group who liked every post and talked to me about it and I feel like she genuinely understands and accepts us. I'm not out to her yet, but I'd definitely feel comfortable telling her so I'm just really really happy right now 😊

  3. Same, I just stopped speaking positively of boys because my parents' assumptions. Now they think I'm some sort of of man-hating feminist πŸ™„ (edit: not that feminists are man-haters (we're not), my brother is just a bit anti-feminist and thinks that me ranting about a transphobic jerk in my english class = me hating all men)
  4. In 8th grade I told everyone I'd never marry and my friend bet me that I would kiss and/or date someone until graduation. So I'll probably get like 30 euros next year (I made the same bet with my brother)😎
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