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Hey everyone! I'm still trying to decide what I want my name to be on here, but for now you can call me Janis. I'm way too close to turning 18 for my comfort, I'm aro/ace and proud of it. I also have autism and I wish I could be proud of it... I was that preteen who convinced myself I was having crushes because I thought that's what was supposed to happen. I am a strong advocate for platonic love and close friendships. You can love someone you're not related to without having romantic or sexual feelings. My favorite aro quote is "Lets just be friends" and my favorite ace quote is "I'd rather have cake". Basically my entire personality is theatre kid. I spend as much time as possible at the theatre, and when I'm home I'm probably watching a bootleg or sorting through my playbill collection. I love to crochet and I'm trying to make a business selling them. My first time selling was at my local pride festival and I was 3 items away from selling out! 

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It's great to meet you all!!

8 hours ago, MondoBilby said:

Hey, welcome to the forums! What kinda things do you crochet?

I crochet stuffed animals mostly! 

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15 hours ago, Art Freak said:

I'm way too close to turning 18 for my comfort

its not that bad to be honest.

I'm a fair bit older than that and honestly, while it will seem like a big jump at the time as you start to find your feet as an adult, its fine.

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