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Hello humans :]


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Hi! I'm Alex, and I stumbled across this on my search for what the heck even is my romantic attraction/sexuality.

I recently came across the term aromatic and it really, really clicked. I've had very few crushes, and the person which I was "crushing" on most recently really made me realize that none of my crushes have been romantic, they have all been platonic. My very awkward interactions with turning three guys down in the past year, one of which literally happened last week, also has really helped me to realize that I might not be alloromantic. I could just be really picky, but honestly, I think I fall somewhere on the aro spectrum. I feel like I'm either grayromantic, fully aromantic, or cupioromantic, but honestly I'm still doing my research and obviously learning about myself.

I'm not quite sure about my sexuality. I might be hetero because most of my squishes/what I thought of as crushes were guys, but honestly I'm really not sure. I'm not repulsed by the idea of sex, but I can never imagine myself doing it. I guess I'll just figure this out with time.

Anyways, I'm quite a weird person. I love cats, I can play the guitar and the ukulele, and I am gluten free. I love music, and I'll listen to anything that isn't rap, country, or on the radio :]  I am currently studying engineering and I'm really interested in alternative energy and helping the environment. 

I'm so happy a community like this exists because I definitely still have a lot to figure out, but that's okay. You just gotta enjoy the ride, I guess. Peace!

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