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  1. I really like that poem. Although I assume some of its beauty might be lost in the translation, I still appreciate the English version for all its worth. I find that although I don't like when the media romanticizes everything (no pun intended), I tend to appreciate poetry, whether it be about romantic love or not. Definitely not always, as there is plenty of either poorly written or sickeningly cheesy stuff (that tends to accumulate in places like pop songs on the radio), but a lot of classics or even well-written words of today I'll give due respect. For example, I have a book o
  2. Too true, it seems like the concept of "a girl that is only a friend" no longer exists to them.
  3. @Ice Queen I think people just like the idea of "love at first sight" so much, especially as it's too often touted in the media as ~the BEST thing to ever happen to you!!!!!!!!!!!~ Ugh, it's so annoying.
  4. This is my life. It honestly always ruins friendships when you have to friendzone someone. I hate it, I just want people to like be ok with being ~just~ friends! I know the "why me" feeling exactly
  5. That makes a lot of sense! After mulling it over a bit more, there are definitely similarities between qprs and regular romantic relationships, which I did touch on earlier (rather vehemently haha) but didn't notice the connection. For me, I guess I'm just not that interested in relationships (not really sure if I'd want a qpr). I'm rather curious, though, as to where the concept of families fit regarding romantic and sexual attraction. Any insight you guys have or good threads you know of? I think I've been stuck in the opposite mindset of this due to just my past experiences and obse
  6. Ooh now this thread is my jam! -I eat gluten free/ Paleo (basically whole foods, all vegetables and meat, no dairy), which I know isn't vegetarian or vegan, but I do it to eat whole foods and not the processed stuff. I try to eat organic, sustainable sourced good quality meats and I eat very little dairy, and although it's a little contradictory to eat meat but not dairy, I think the dairy industry is horrible so I refuse to give them business -I'm all about functional medicine, the current medical system with all antibiotics isn't working! -I use natural products (people
  7. Yeah, it seems like the crux of the whole LGBT... movement is to bring awareness to the spectrums of sexuality and gender. However, there is no emphasis on understanding the romantic spectrum. Not that they are against it, I just think we are such a small minority that it was not something that the community was aware of, regardless of whether it's relevant or not to the movement.
  8. Exactly! I never want to live life feeling chained down and forced to put excessive time and effort into a romantic relationship. *shudders* I agree, I never want to miss cool experiences and opportunities. Additionally, I feel like people, (usually women) tend to put aside a career as they settle into a relationship, get married, and start a family. I couldn't imagine why someone would give up a path that they have traveled along and studied in for so long just to become a housewife (the reason is twuu wuvvv of course!!). I know this isn't as much the case today, but even
  9. Yeah, honestly it's just a huge lose-lose situation. I guess it comes down to hoping that one day, my peers will finally mature. Hah, like that's going to happen
  10. Ravenclaw! Also just like @hippiecat(ran into you again!) I would totally join the hunters of Artemis, but because of Artemis's lack of children, I'd probably be a child of Athena.
  11. Ooh how about when friends tease you about liking someone, and you get flustered and irritated trying to explain that you don't like said person whatsoever. Of course, they take it as you being defensive and therefore you are suddenly ~soooo~ in love with this person. I just don't get how people jump to these conclusions
  12. Ahaha I love your profile pic

    1. karnzter


      Thank you, @meesemouse. It's Trash Sombra from GenjiCat :)

    2. meesemouse


      I was just binging through all those comics today so I did a double take when I saw your profile pic :P

  13. I totally agree on this. I think for me, when I was around 15 I started to notice how I just didn't see eye to eye with peers on romantic aspects and it kinda clicked that- not to say I could permanently label myself because you should totally never stay stagnant with one idea and limit yourself but- that maybe I should rethink. Today I could certainly be wrong with all this, I but I will say that for me stumbling upon aromanticism wasn't as much of a radical realization but more of a puzzle piece finally clicking into place because you understand where it goes. Cheesy metaphor and now I'm ram
  14. EXACTLY. I've had people explain to me how much being friendzoned sucks, but why is it so bad? I just don't get it. Friendship just shouldn't be considered less valuable than romance.
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