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Picrew anyone?


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2 hours ago, HelloThere said:

I didn’t do the last one but this was fun! :D




I absolutely loved the first one, there was more stuff I could do there.

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For two of them I made myself, but for the last I couldn't resist the appeal of some dramatic long black hair. She's an old-fashioned Hollywood star who famously never leaves her home except to work on movies, and she never gives interviews, and only answers reporters in one-word answers, if at all. Is it just plain old agoraphobia, or is there something... spookier going on? Dun dun dunnnn! (Also she's Jewish like me)

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I made this guy:


I have another but I can't fit it or smth :,( maybe I'll put them in l8r ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The third one looked really cool but it didn't have a very good range of skin tones. It had several light shades and and singular dark shade which was too dark for my skin which kinda sucked. On the plus side, the shadow background effect was pretty cool.


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