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Thoughts on attending weddings


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I have attended three weddings this month alone. Two cousins and my friends wedding. Just got back from my friends wedding as I am typing this.

Just wondering if you enjoy attending weddings as an aro despite the romance. 

As an apothi aro I feel uncomfortable at the kissing and my eyes wander a little but other than that.

Great food


Friends and family I enjoy hanging out with. Definitely a different experience if you are good friends with the groom like I was.

We had a very fun bachelor party and did some shenanigans.

What are your thoughts on going to weddings and even bachelor parties if you ever went to one?


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2 hours ago, Atypique said:

I don't go to loads of weddings so my memory is a little blurry but I'd say I like weddings because of the food and the fact that everyone is happy and having fun

Yeah I like the food and pretty much just that. Oh and also the conversation.

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I've attended two weddings this year, and for the second one I was invited to the whole event (first one was just the party afterwards)

I don't really enjoy big crowds, especially when there is a lot of alcohol involved. I just make sure to leave any sort of party before people get nasty.

Normally weddings give me a sense of 'not-belonging' but i do enjoy good food and hanging out with friends. Also I like to dress up for the occasion, since it gives me an excuse to wear a suit (even a 3 piece one for the first wedding, which had a more formal dress code)

So I guess I both like and dislike attending weddings.

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I like weddings

other people giving me free food is always good, 

As for feeling left out, well thats going to happen a lot of times in life for various reasons so something fairly rare like a wedding is easy for me to put up with.

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