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how do non aromantic people experience crushes?

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I have no freaking clue, that’s a question I’ve asked a lot myself. My best guess is that it’s sorta like obsessing over an interest, you kinda wanna know everything about it and spend as much time as possible with it.

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I fall into the gray area of romanticism so I'll try my best. It's like, you're thinking about them a lot, how you want to spend time with them, more than you would with a friend. You may fantasize about doing things with them you wouldn't really do with friends, like going out on dates, kissing, settling down to live together as romantic partners, etc.

I think alloromantic people have this but felt more intensely, sometimes to the point of being obsessive. Of course since romanticism is a spectrum with everyone having different experiences, romantic attraction is different for everyone no matter where they fall.

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On 10/22/2023 at 1:44 PM, The Aro Mando Echo said:

I ask my friends about this and they start listing off symptoms of a panic attack 😭

Yeah, I really can't understand how people want that 

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