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  1. this is highly individual and depends on the person. to keep this simpler i'm going to operate on the assumption you're primarily asking about monogamous people. i am not personally someone who would want multiple partners so i don't really know much of anything about polyamory. i have seen a lot of more sexual people get crushes or attraction to other people and describe it as a natural thing that happens (sometimes but not constantly) but it doesn't mean anything to them, they don't pursue it, and it doesn't compromise their relationship or their feelings for their partner. personally, if i have feelings for someone my sights are set on them and it's basically physically impossible for me to be attracted to anyone else until my feelings wane. in general i feel like i am a little bit of an outlier in terms of romantic/sexual people because i'm very particular about a lot of things and i couldn't tell you what romance really is because i don't think i know.
  2. i don't think about it but that's nearly all of what i imagine lol.
  3. sometimes i wish that they were real because i think they're really sweet and that them and i would go well together. lately i just imagine scenarios with them until i get bored of my very limited and not creative imagination.
  4. i honestly do not know how i experience romance, i feel like i may be grayromantic. idfk and i've kind of given up on trying to figure out my romantic orientation because i know that i'm a lesbian and i feel that that's all that matters to me. personally, a crush feels like a passionate obsession, i'd do anything for this person to give me affection and basically they're on my mind the majority of the time. i just want their approval and i just want to make them happy.
  5. i for one am definitely not a human
  6. i don't love my parents and i never have. i love some of very extended family but the only close family member i can honestly i say love is my sister.
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