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What is the longest possible orientation?


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So i got bored recently and wanted to figure this stupid question out, here we go:

Starting off with gender identity, after looking at the wiki for a sec the one with the most characters is "Transmasculine" at 14. This one means you were assigned female at birth, but now identify as male.

Added: 14 Total: 14

Next up, romantic orientation. The longest one is Desinoromantic, at 14 characters. This is also great, because since it means just "liking" someone and not really experiencing romantic attraction, it allows us to plop another one on top to determine which gender you're attracted to within this. I believe the best one to add here is Ceteroromantic, which is usually defined as being attracted to non binary people, putting our total for romantic orientation at 28 total characters.

Added: 28 Total: 42

And finally, sexual orientation. Gray-asexual means that you are somewhere inbetween asexual and allosexual. Again, this is great, because not only is it 12 characters, it allows us to add Ceterosexual (ceteroromantic but sexual attraction instead) on top, for 24 characters added for sexual orientation.

Added: 24 Total: 66

So, to summarize: The longest LGBT orientation I can think of right now is:

Transmasculine Desinoromantic Ceteroromantic Gray-asexual Ceterosexual. Anyone out here who identifies as this, good goddamn job. Anyone who thinks of a way to make this longer, hit me up.

Edit: One thing I didnt consider is that to be transmasculine you have to be born a girl. If you were born a guy, transfeminine is 13 characters, making the total 65.

Edit 2: You can also add Intersex and Nonbinary to the Gender portion, making the total +17 = 83

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19 hours ago, Neon said:

Some people are intersex but assigned female at birth and identify as a trans guy, you can add intersex on there, and if they're polyamourous, then that can be added as well.

you can also make a nonbinary transmasculine intersex person out of it, as transmasculine people can be but don't necessary have to be male

and as nonbinary can be both; a specific gender identity or an umbrella term, we could even make it a nonbinary transmasculine genderfluid intersex person and then add the romantic/sexual/other orientation(s)

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1 hour ago, Acecream said:

you can also make a nonbinary transmasculine intersex person out of it, as transmasculine people can be but don't necessary have to be male

and as nonbinary can be both; a specific gender identity or an umbrella term, we could even make it a nonbinary transmasculine genderfluid intersex person and then add the romantic/sexual/other orientation(s)

Ahh, ok, so what would the full thing be if that was added?

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1 hour ago, whatistheromance said:

Ahh, ok, so what would the full thing be if that was added?

Transmasculine Intersex Non-binary Desinoromantic Ceteroromantic Gray-asexual Ceterosexual Ceteroplatonic = 98 characters

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Transmasculine is a term that includes trans men as well as nonbinary people who identify as masculine, right? So in theory, couldn't you also add another gender label on top of that? Or am I wrong about transmasc being an umbrella term? Sorry if I am. 

Also you could spell out transgender masculine.


Edit: Oh some people already mentioned you could add nonbinary on top of that. 

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Maybe you can still insert aroflux, aceflux or genderflux somewhere? If it means romantic/sexual orientation or gender are fluctuating, it should be combinable with other labels.

Btw, aroflux aceflux genderflux is the best...😄

Aro Ace Gender



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On 11/23/2022 at 1:29 PM, whatistheromance said:

Next up, romantic orientation. The longest one is Desinoromantic, at 14 characters

Platoniromantic, 15 characters. I describe myself as pan-platoniromantic, you could insert a longer prefix like cetero in front to make it 21 characters. You could also describe yourself as an aromantic platoniromantic (depending on how you view things, but I tend to say I am). So, aromantic ceteroromantic platoniromantic = 38 characters


Transgender masculine intersex nonbinary genderfluid genderflux aromantic ceteroromantic platoniromantic gray-asexual ceterosexual aceflux = (let me paste this into google docs and have it count the characters for me) 138 characters including spaces, 127 excluding

And then you can add on things like platonic, sensual, emotional, aesthetic, intellectual, alterous, etc, finding the longest prefixes to put in front of those, but I'm not going to type that all out

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since this person in nb and ceteroromantic, they can also call themself "enbian" or nblnb, and since platoniromantic is under the umbrella term "quoiromantic":

Transgender masculine intersex nonbinary genderfluid genderflux aromantic quoiromantic platoniromantic ceteroromantic gray-asexual ceterosexual aceflux enbian (145 characters)

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So I just made an account to post this, hopefully someone is still here from then cause I need someone to witness this. 

I smoked y'all tho. Like, seriously, y'all on some weak shit, Stoned Ape on the strongest, Dopest most Chronic Fucking Disco Kick Shit out there Boiiiiiii!   

519 characters with spaces, 475 without spaces, and it doesn't contradict itself once. Someone could logically label themselves as such: 

Transmasculine Intersex Nonbinary Genderfluid Gender Expansive Demigender Genderqueer Bigender Gender Non-Conforming Two-Spirit Androgynous Genderfae Genderflux Maverique Neutrois Omnigender Polygender Skoliosexual Androsexual Ceterosexual Sapiosexual Demisexual Pansexual Asexual Omnisexual Gynesexual Heteroflexible Homoflexible Lithsexual Fraysexual Quoisexual Desinoromantic Ceteroromantic Polyromantic Demiromantic Aromantic Grayromantic Lithromantic Panromantic Sapioromantic Biromantic Queerplatonic Gray-asexual.

Mic drop.

Description how they fit in next comment. 


How each term can coexist without conflict, considering the nuance and flexibility within identity definitions.

Gender Identities

Transmasculine: Identifying more with masculinity while possibly being assigned female at birth.

Intersex: Having biological characteristics of both sexes, which can exist alongside any gender identity.

Nonbinary: Not exclusively identifying as male or female; can coexist with fluid and expansive identities.

Genderfluid: Shifting between genders over time, which aligns with being nonbinary and other expansive identities.

Gender Expansive: Broadening beyond traditional gender norms, compatible with most other identities listed.

Demigender: Partially identifying with a gender, which can exist alongside other fluid or nonbinary identities.

Genderqueer: Challenging traditional gender distinctions, similar to nonbinary and expansive.

Bigender: Identifying as two genders, which can fit with fluid, nonbinary, and expansive identities.

Gender Non-Conforming: Not adhering to societal gender norms, compatible with any non-traditional identity.

Two-Spirit: A specific Indigenous identity encompassing both masculine and feminine spirits.

Androgynous: Presenting a blend of masculine and feminine traits, can coexist with most other identities.

Genderfae: A fluid gender identity that is typically feminine.

Genderflux: Fluctuating intensity of gender identity, which aligns with fluid identities.

Maverique: A nonbinary identity independent of masculine or feminine.

Neutrois: Identifying as neutral or genderless.

Omnigender: Identifying with all genders.

Polygender: Identifying with multiple genders simultaneously.

Sexual Orientations

Skoliosexual: Attraction to nonbinary people.

Androsexual: Attraction to men or masculinity.

Ceterosexual: Attraction to nonbinary or genderqueer people.

Sapiosexual: Attraction to intelligence.

Demisexual: Experiencing sexual attraction after an emotional connection.

Pansexual: Attraction regardless of gender.

Asexual: Experiencing little to no sexual attraction.

Omnisexual: Attraction to all genders, emphasizing gender as part of attraction.

Gynesexual: Attraction to women or femininity.

Heteroflexible: Usually heterosexual but occasionally attracted to the same sex.

Homoflexible: Usually homosexual but occasionally attracted to the opposite sex.

Lithsexual: Experiencing sexual attraction without needing it reciprocated.

Fraysexual: Attraction fades after getting to know someone.

Quoisexual: Uncertainty or lack of understanding about one's sexual attraction.

Romantic Orientations

Desinoromantic: Specific attraction based on spiritual or aesthetic connection.

Ceteroromantic: Romantic attraction to nonbinary or genderqueer people.

Polyromantic: Romantic attraction to multiple, but not all, genders.

Demiromantic: Romantic attraction after forming an emotional bond.

Aromantic: Experiencing little to no romantic attraction.

Grayromantic: Rarely experiencing romantic attraction.

Lithromantic: Experiencing romantic attraction without needing it reciprocated.

Panromantic: Romantic attraction regardless of gender.Sapioromantic: Romantic attraction to intelligence.

Biromantic: Romantic attraction to two or more genders.

Queerplatonic: Deep, platonic relationships that are more intense than typical friendships.

Gray-asexual: Occasionally experiencing sexual attraction, but rarely.

Compatibility Explanation

Gender Identities: These can all coexist because they describe various aspects of how one might experience or express their gender. Someone can identify with multiple gender identities that reflect different facets of their experience. For example, one can be genderfluid (changing between genders), nonbinary (not fitting into male or female), and bigender (identifying as two genders) without contradiction.

Sexual Orientations: These can coexist by recognizing that sexual attraction can be complex and fluid. For instance, being pansexual (attracted regardless of gender) does not contradict being demisexual (requiring an emotional bond for attraction) or sapiosexual (attracted to intelligence), as they describe different dimensions of attraction.

Romantic Orientations: These can also coexist similarly to sexual orientations, describing different layers or aspects of romantic attraction. One can be demiromantic (requiring an emotional bond), grayromantic (occasionally experiencing romantic attraction), and polyromantic (attracted to multiple genders), as they capture different elements of how one experiences romantic feelings.

Given the flexibility and intersectionality within identities, it's plausible for someone to identify with all these terms without inherent contradiction. Each term can describe a unique and complementary aspect of one's overall identity.


Lmao @ 83. Y'all weak shit!!!!!

😂😂😂😂 Wtf I spent too much time making this. 

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You jest, but I could accurately identify as Transmasculine Desinoromantic Ceteroromantic Gray-asexual Ceterosexual if I so chose, and there is a reason I generally opt for "oh yeah I'm an aro trans dude" over "I'm transmasculine, apothiromantic, and bi-greysexual." I like StonedApe's option though. Final boss of microlabels.

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