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Edited- how do I get arophobic people to understand that they are being harmful?


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Edit: (Ok so apparently worded this horribly wrong so I re wrote it a bit)

so I see a lot of connections between arophobic adults and toddlers and toddlers when they are not nice the are sent to time out. The only problem is I can’t tell an adult to go take a timeout so how should I get them to understand that they are hurting people? 

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Well, I mean... You can't, or at least you really shouldn't, physically lock someone in a room. Like very much either they will beat you up or you will get arrested for assault. If someone has bad opinions just don't talk to them..? You really can't "punish" strangers other than punching them in the face (totally the right choice in some circumstances but also a risky move), and honestly the idea of doing so is kind of not cool. If someone says something hurtful, be honest with them about it, and if they continue, then just like... Tell them to leave you alone, walk away, don't invite them to your parties, etc.

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@MaxIsCosmicAre you talking about real life or a online timeout room for this site? Kind of like a zoom waiting room?


If your talking about here on arocalypse then maybe it would help for the mods to send the people some helpful resources.  I think the punishment is a mute from posting after a few warnings. A timeout room might be nice for the mods to calm theses people down. sorta like an admin sit in gmod haha.


if it’s real life then a timeout room is a pretty wacky idea. You can’t hold someone in a room against their will and it certainly won’t help change their minds…




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  • MaxIsCosmic changed the title to Edited- how do I get arophobic people to understand that they are being harmful?

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