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Hey can people just wish me luck?


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Hey! Long time person here, hardly posts but I read almost everything! I love this community! Everyone is supportive, i just want some wishes of luck, i want to tell my parents im aroace. Ive known since like last year and I never found a community up until like 2 months ago (this is that community!!) 

Also, can anyone hook me up with some discreet aroace products or pride stuff :)


I know that they are supportive, hell my parents have gay friends. I just dont know what is keeping me from explaining it, i mean my brother is lowkey homophobic- or its just how everyone in his middle school acts i dont knoww. 

 This stuff is hard

welp. I dont know how to end this

so im probably just gonna say

wish me luck.


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Hope it all goes well for you! And remember that you can’t control what other people do and say but you can control your own responses. They may not get it at first so remember to be patient. Allo people can say a lotta weird things so just know they don’t understand that no romance is possible yet if they say you’ll find the right one etc. 

People like categorizing others into boxes they understand and do it out of habit. Again it may take time for them to get their heads around being aromantic because of amatonormativity and everyone else’s experience including their own not matching your aro lenses. 

With that said I wish you the best of luck, you got this!


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Good luck! You got this! 

Also, for some discreet pride stuff, I usually wear small little trinkets like bracelets with my pride colors, and whenever anyone I think is homophobic asks, I just say I like the colors, which I do 😉

It's also how I got away with buying some ace bracelets in front of my parents!

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