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Movie "The Lobster"

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Why would you piss people off by transforming them into something that could maul you? Points for novelty, but unless these characters are becoming bunnies that never watched a certain Monty Python flick, I'm pretty sure the entire premise risks becoming a plothole :P

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Has anyone seen it? 

I heard about it only recently and I am interested. If I find it at the local Blockbuster (yes, Australia still has some....assuming it hasn't gone in the last 3 months) I will watch it. 

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@Skittles87 yes it still exists! I have proof and this is going to happen! Blockbusterrrrrrr




Update: watched the movie. Wow. There were some funny moments and some weird moment and some uncomfortable moments. I would not call this a comedy, or even a romantic comedy. Forced partnering up goes to blanket no affection or partnering up are the two violent extremes this movie swings between. Everyone seems fairly emotionless or awkward. There is no friendships or friend and there is so much couples-are-best conditioning watching it was slightly horrifying......though not as horrifying as The 5th Wave < that movie is like an aromantic hate letter!

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