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  1. If books featuring asexual spectrum characters are difficult to find, try looking for one with aromantic spectrum characters. That said, what books are you all reading or have read? I've been reading Krakauer's Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town and Tóibín's Brooklyn. The former is interesting but infuriating to get through, and it angers me that sexual assault is not being taken as seriously as it should be. The latter has quite a bit of romance, which I knew going into it as I'd already seen the movie; it's not so bad, though, as it seems relevant to character development.
  2. This post on r/asexuality on Reddit. Thank you, fellow ace!
  3. Maybe we're all villains after all! Time to plot world domination... "Who do you like?" was the bane of my existence in elementary school. I remember picking people at random, too, but soon I figured out that I had to add "but as a friend" or else weird things would happen. Of course, their next question was: "Who do you like like?"
  4. This is the most annoying thing. It's okay to enjoy a series or character just because, isn't it?
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    Video game soundtracks are amazing. I've heard that they're designed to help players focus on the game. I'm in the "I used to play more" boat, as well. Right now, I'm actively(?) playing Fantasy Life and Pokémon Yellow Version on the 3DS. There's a huge backlog on Steam that I really need to tackle because otherwise my wallet would have been assaulted for nothing. Damned sales.
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  7. Similar to the others here. I don't feel romantic attraction very often -- once every few years -- and, when I do, it's not the all-encompassing longing that I've heard others describe. While it'd be nice to have my feelings reciprocated, I'm not overly upset if it's not. I used to wonder if that meant I was aromantic, but that term didn't sound right to me because I've had strong-ish feelings for a couple of people in the past. "Gray" sounds about right.
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