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Arocalypse Frozen


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Hi everyone,

We regret to inform you all that we will be temporarily freezing Arocalypse for an undetermined period of time due to a long-standing issue. Since Momo took over administering the forum almost a year ago the moderator team has been under-staffed. The initial batch of moderators joined on a temporary basis but have been in place now for 9 months. Despite calls for moderators both on the forum and off the forum, only one other person has stepped up.

At present, we are no longer able to moderate this site effectively and so we are placing it into a temporary but indefinite read-only mode till such time as we can find people to fill the position of moderators. The current moderators are burnt out and that’s not good for us, but it’s also bad for the forum at large. The current moderation queue can go days to a week before anyone responds to issues. The site will remain in its current state with all existing posts being available to view, but no new posts or replies will be accepted.

We recognise this work is hard so we are looking for a team of people to help out. This is intentionally not a full time commitment, we want a team so that we can share the load between us and not everyone has to be available all the time. We’re not looking for specific commitments from people, but being able to help out at least a few days each month would be ideal.

The position of a moderator is a volunteer position that requires:

  • We’re only able to accept moderators over the age of 18
  • People who have an active warning are not eligible
  • Willingness to use Discord for coordination

Moderator duties:

  • Reviewing and approving guest posts
  • Being available to respond to reports and give warnings when needed
  • Occasionally checking in on current conversations in general to keep an eye on things beyond what gets reported

If you’re interested in helping or you just want more information then talk to us on Discord or contact us by email or the form in the footer of every page.

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A big thank you to everyone who has stood up to help out. Everyone give a big welcome to the new members of the moderation team, in no particular order: @Autumn, @Holmbo, @Magni, @nonmerci, @roboticanary, @Erederyn, and @boba

On a personal note, I'll be stepping back from moderating on a day to day basis. I will instead be refocusing on the technical aspects of keeping the forum running and working behind the scenes to lead the team and make sure that they have what they need in order to do their job effectively.

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