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  1. @yurihands I am really confused by your logic? are you still talking about agender being included in a-spec at the end of this? Like, I understand the point made in each main paragraph but the last bit seems ambiguously phrased in and of itself and the connection to previous parts doesn't seem clear. *** I categorize agender under nonbinary, not a-spec, a-spec is ace & aro spectrums.....hmmm maybe should draw out how picture the umbrellas or something. Agender is under the "A" in the acronym but I don't think it should be included in a-spec and I believe including it in the term a-spec would really take away from the term as it is the only single word that can be used to describe ace & aro, which is commonly useful due to the organizational overlap between the two communities.
  2. useful new sources: Article by Dr. Bella Depaulo, the author who has written about singlism: https://blogs.psychcentral.com/single-at-heart/2020/05/people-who-are-aromantic-are-they-targets-of-bigotry/ (mentions aromantic people being targets of bigotry) Article about Peridot from Steven Universe being aromantic asexual: https://www.cbr.com/steven-universe-crystal-gem-confirmed-asexual-peridot/ (might have to carefully phrase this one based on the extent of it being confirmed, but this seems like reasonable source to be using for it).
  3. @Apathetic Echidna amatonormativity has it's own page, so there's definitely sources for it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amatonormativity the amatonormativity page also does mention aromanticism so evidently some of the sources discuss the link. Suppose that means we need focus more about the link with amatonormativity to aro community then as much about the term itself, but yeah I don't really think lack of sources is a huge problem on that one.
  4. Sheldon Cooper might be canonically asexual but in later series he does get a girlfriend and gets married so I wouldn't consider him aromantic. Also, he's not good representation for various reasons and is not mentioned in the asexual article either. For in the media, I think it would make sense to open section talking about how hard to get canon word representation, if can find an article about that. I know I found one article discussing Katniss from hunger games as aromantic which could be considered proper source. Another thing for "In the Media" section is irl people; we could list Yasmin Benoit, her wiki page mentions her being aromantic so should be easy to get a source for that. *** I went through and accepted all of the edits on the document. It's great seeing things being put into words and stuff! Reminder to put sources in for things; the amatonormativity section looks like it needs sources? so if could link things there that would be great; the final formatting of citations can be a bit difficult but for now just making sure have links is good enough; I'm fairly competent at doing the proper citations stuff and can do that later as needed. Oh also, if don't necessarily have a source currently, can also be good to just put in parentheses "(Source needed)" or something. *** For culture, aro white rings and arrows would be good if can find a source, though I'm more confident that we can find stuff talking about the flag. for more on legal stuff and discrimination, can discuss discrimination and exclusion from queer community and also discuss lack of legal protections? can look at asexual article for parallels on that. Also like....things that explicitly cover sexual orientation would cover asexuals but not aromantics.
  5. It also occurred the me that we might be approaching this from the wrong angle; while eventually we want to have a completed comprehensive individual article, the best way to do that would probably be by adding more content to the existing entry to make it bigger to such that it becomes clear it needs its own article. The way wikipedia articles are broken up, there's sections which are seperated with title above a line and then below that there can be subsections with bolded subheadings; currently, aromanticism is one of the underlined sections so can work towards creating content for bolded subsections below it. I think adding the subsection "community", and talking about history/organizations for aro stuff along with stuff about the pride flag and stuff about arospec awareness week should be reasonably feasible. Another section might be "in the media" which could reasonably be added, though might be harder to find stuff that can justify.
  6. I have made a tumblr post with the call of submissions to help spread it there: https://aromagni.tumblr.com/post/619778331642118144/june-2020-call-for-submissions-most-precious (and lol....am kinda tempted to make an aro ring in lotr style bc "precious", might do that if end up in the mood for that kind of creative this month).
  7. So, both andro- and gyno- are from greek and mean man and woman respectively. There are problems with gyno- bc the prefix tends to be associated with afab bodies, but I don't think the same issues really extend to androsexual? Andro- is also the prefix used for androgynous and stuff so it as a prefix doesn't have weird connotations which make it potentially a problem. Another more vague term would be diamoric, which is a term for nonbinary attraction that doesn't neatly fall into the usual binary. This page has more info and also some other terms: https://lgbta.wikia.org/wiki/Diamoric Another term in that link is Marsic, which is nonbinary attraction to men or masculine aligned people, so perhaps that term would work well for you?
  8. A positive theme is good for this month! though tbh my first thought about "Most Precious" is lord of the rings. Also, if you don't have a post for it on tumblr, I can make a post boosting it there if you'd like?
  9. So I reorganized the sections in the article draft document based on feedback there. Also, I made a new link: with this link, you should be able to suggest edits which I can then approve; for actually editing things, it's a good way to collaborate and write stuff and is better than comments. I think new outline for article flow is better and more similar to existing wikipedia pages, though we can make final decisions on organization and section names later on. I noticed that the asexual wiki links to asexualawarenessweek.com so apparently wikipedia considers something like that a reputable source; I added a link to the arospec awareness week website and I think that section would be reasonably easy for someone to type up? I can help outline and find sources for things but I'm not great at actually putting the things into words, so if someone else would like to start trying to do that part, that would be great.
  10. I figured it would be a good idea to make a thread where people can post about various things the aro community is doing during pride month this year, especially since a lot of pride is occurring online this year. I'm gonna start off posting a few things I know about and I encourage other people to post links to other things they know are happening. aromantic-official on tumblr will be having weekly prompts, as seen in this post. They'll post with more specific prompts on the themes each week. Aggressively arospec week will be from June 21st-27th and will be hosted on both tumblr and twitter, as seen in this post. It is a "week long event promoting creation of arospec fancontent by arospec creators". I'll post more things as I see them throughout the month and I encourage others to post things as well, to help facilitate the spread of information in a centralized location. Happy Pride month everyone!
  11. I have not had the focus to actively work on this, but I see someone has left comments on the google doc which is good. Reminder to send me a message if you want to be specifically added to the google doc so can edit it directly. (also just generally wanted to post an update of sorts here to bring it back up in uh notification stream as nudge to people that this is a thing that trying work on).
  12. so, there's a lot of overlap of genderqueer with stuff like butch lesbians bc queering gender and stuff (I'm not explaining that the best, but there is history of overlap), so I'd say that yeah you could definitely be a genderqueer lesbian. There's people who identify as nb lesbians etc too. One open-ended definition of lesbian I've heard is "People who aren't men who are attracted to people who aren't men", so looking at it that way could be helpful? Also like.....there's lots of discourse originating from parts of the lesbian community that are very exclusionary/gatekeeping and tbh there's not much point caring about what exclusionists think of the labels you use, just use the labels that are most comfortable for you.
  13. I find stuff like discord servers is great for online social interaction, especially bc it is a more group setting as opposed to one-on-one. In discord servers I'm on, people have been hanging out in voicechat while someone streams playing a game or have been watching streams of shows using Kosmi; perhaps something like that would work well for you?
  14. From what I understand, the original usage of the "A" in LGBTA was for "Alliance", rather than allies. Which is a nuanced difference, but I think originally it was more about being an alliance between these different queer identity groups, but then people started changing it to allies, then ace & aro communities were like wait if the A is representing any group of people it should be us not straight allies.
  15. I do identify as agender but I don't think it should be under a-spec. A-spec makes sense as a word for including the ace & aro spectrums and addressing issues faced by these communities which are often shared, whereas agender is not shared under that, if anything agender is tied to nonbinary and other gender terms bc it is a gender identity not an orientation like aro and ace. Also it just....doesn't make sense to me? Agender isn't a spectrum like ace and aro are, "agender-spectrum" isn't like an established thing so why would it be grouped under a-spec. But yeah, while agender can also be represented by the "A", I really don't think it should be included in "a-spec", and that's my opinion as an agender person. (not here to argue about the origin of terms etc but saw some people asking if agender people wanted it to be under a-spec etc and I am an agender person with strong opinions on subject so wanted to share).
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