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at what age did you discover yourself as aro??


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Last year when I was 23. I was looking in the internet for information about gender identity and I stumbled upon AUREA, and the found this forum which I could relate to to a lot of experiences and that was it, after discovering this forum I claimed the aro label.

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I figured it out when I was 12 because all of my friends are LGBTQ+ and we were reading an LGBTQ+ encyclopedia or something(it wasn’t an actual encyclopedia but it had a lot of sexualities and what they are) and it said what asexual was(it actually wasn’t a good definition because it described aroace more than just ace) and i thought it described me and so i reasearched it(meaning i went on aven and the lgbtqa wiki because there is nowhere else) and i found the split model of attraction and discovered i was aroace. then about 5 months later(i was 13 now) i figured out i was quoiromantic aroace

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