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  1. I think it sounds like you’re aromantic, and this isn’t uncommon, I’m pretty sure I’m aroace, but sometimes I’ll still worry about stuff like this, one thing that helps is to think about it logically, like, if you haven’t felt romantic attraction for anyone yet, in your whole life, then the chances that you will are pretty slim. also, if you don’t feel completely comfortable saying that you’re aro, you could say you’re arospec, because you’re definitely on the aromantic spectrum.
  2. That sounds like an interesting term. I also hope it catches on.
  3. wow! Cool alien magic, I guess it worked.
  4. does anyone here know how to code? because we should totally make this app.
  5. It could have been a term that someone came up with to describe some aspect of their aromanticism, but not enough people found the term, and it became lost to the depths of the internet.
  6. lol this thread is hilarious 2024
  7. One of the benefits of being aro is that people don’t already have opinions about your orientation, like they might if you were gay, so if you can find a way to explain it that makes your sister understand that you’re just not romantically attracted to anyone, and you never will be, and that its not something you’re missing out on since dating seems like a lot of work, and mostly ends in heartbreak anyway, then she’ll probably be accepting, especially since she is already accepting of the LGBTQ+ community.
  8. so, in 6th grade I had a friend that kept shipping me with this one kid from my elementary school, literally just because our names started with the same letter, and I had to restrain my self from shoving him when ever he kept whispering the ship name in my ear. Also, one time he said something about the ship, and then he said something about, like a romantic desert island and something like “all you’d need is a house and a bed” i literally wanted to punch him in the face.
  9. maybe you just prefer good romances, like idk the game your talking about, but like sometimes ill be watching a movie or show or reading a book or something and there will be a romantic relationship that’s like well written and ill think its cute and be happy for the characters(yes i know they’re not real people), but sometimes in a story theres a dating relationship and i just really dont like it, this tends to happen more with dating relationships that are like really rushed, (or seem really rushed to me, maybe i just didn’t realize they were flirting earlier) and don’t seem well written( but, what do i know? maybe they’re very well written and i just don’t understand romance.)
  10. for number 3 i would like to add that sometimes i have like a sixth sense, like i can sense when people are around or something or some of my senses will be stronger like the colors are really bright most of the time
  11. HumanBeing26

    New here!

    Hello sab! It’s nice to meet you!
  12. For me I describe myself as quoiromantic for a number of reasons. I think a couple of the main ones are because i don’t understand romantic attraction at all, like I can slightly understand but not really, and I’m constantly struggling with platonic vs romantic attraction, like i keep wondering if i have crushes on my friends because they’re funny and nice and thats like what people say about people they have crushes on. Also, I constantly feel like im questioning whether or not im aromantic, like ill just think of one of my friends and like think i want to hang out with them more and then ill be wondering if i have a crush on them, this also kinda goes with the platonic vs romantic attraction. another thing about quoiromantic is I identify as quoiromantic because it helps me and i like being able to describe myself better with this label, some people might fit the definition of quoiromantic, but not identify as quoiromantic because they might not like micro labels or they just don’t need it to help describe themselves.
  13. I figured it out when I was 12 because all of my friends are LGBTQ+ and we were reading an LGBTQ+ encyclopedia or something(it wasn’t an actual encyclopedia but it had a lot of sexualities and what they are) and it said what asexual was(it actually wasn’t a good definition because it described aroace more than just ace) and i thought it described me and so i reasearched it(meaning i went on aven and the lgbtqa wiki because there is nowhere else) and i found the split model of attraction and discovered i was aroace. then about 5 months later(i was 13 now) i figured out i was quoiromantic aroace
  14. Ooooo skiing sounds fun, I've always wanted to learn how, but I only get enough snow once a year where I live.
  15. wow this is a lot of comments
  16. you're welcome! I'm glad I could help!
  17. you might be frayromantic? its when you have a crush on someone until you get to know them a bit more.
  18. I'm not out yet, but my parents definitely know I'm not interested in romance.
  19. On every valentine's day, my friend reveals his crush to whoever his new crush is and then runs away super embarrassed before his crush can say anything. Then we eat lunch together and give each other candy and I rant about how much I don't understand crushes.
  20. I think your friends saying amatonormative things is probably just pressed into their subconcious from society, so when they start to talk they say amatonormative things on accident, like when a musician starts to write a song, and then realizes the song has already been written and they've just heard it so many times it leaked into their subconcious. Maybe if you just point it out sometimes(not all the time tho or you might seem annoying) they'll try to get better about it.
  21. Hello and nice to meet you! That's definitely similar to how I found this website!
  22. Ok, I'll look at those threads. My favorite string trick is Cat's Cradle.
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