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  1. The moment i realized that i was fine on my own and didnt need anyone else to be happy or complete as a person felt like a weight was lifted off my chest. Felt like i could finally start living for me and not just to fullfill the expectations of other poeple.
  2. Ive told most of my friends and family members that im not looking for a relationship, unless someone directly approaches me I wont go looking and that I dont want to get married ever. So I guess i told them but I never technically told them 'hey im aromantic'. I feel like most of them understand.
  3. Not explicitly aro but also no romo content: The who - Pinball Wizard
  4. I was thinking about making this actually.
  5. Can relate. In reality I dont actually want to be in a romantic relationship, but its the normative way to get commitment from a partner. What I actually want is a friend with some level of commitment so I dont need to be worried about being abandoned and left alone for the next best person
  6. Pretty sure I knew since I was 15 but just discovered it now in my early 20s
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