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  1. We are currently working on an aro/ace focused app where you can find people looking for non-romantic/non-sexual relationships (or like minded aro/ace friends ofcourse!) For anyone thats interested in either testing it once we release a beta or wants to help out we have a discord you can find here: https://discord.gg/9xW5CtP2HH Hope to see some of you there :)
  2. Im pretty sure xamarin .net works for both IOS and android. Also where did you hear android is getting replaced, never heard of that but im not really into smartphone app dev tbf.
  3. Most apps for android are written in java and for IOS in objective C I believe. Not sure if you can use python or not.
  4. Only you can really determine what kind of attraction it is. I can only speak about myself, when I have a squish and very strong platonic attraction I may want to be physically close to them like cuddling hugging etc but I def dont want to do romantic things like dating them kissing them etc. In the end of the day nothing is romantic unless theres romantic attraction/intent combined with the action, you can platonically kiss, hold hands etc. and romantically hug someone. Its extremely subjective which sometimes makes it hard to determine what your feeling, especially when its about determining the absence of something instead of the presence. Hope this helps :)
  5. Being aro puts you so far away from the normal heternormative life experience that it absolutely should be considered LGBT+.
  6. The moment i realized that i was fine on my own and didnt need anyone else to be happy or complete as a person felt like a weight was lifted off my chest. Felt like i could finally start living for me and not just to fullfill the expectations of other poeple.
  7. Ive told most of my friends and family members that im not looking for a relationship, unless someone directly approaches me I wont go looking and that I dont want to get married ever. So I guess i told them but I never technically told them 'hey im aromantic'. I feel like most of them understand.
  8. Not explicitly aro but also no romo content: The who - Pinball Wizard
  9. I was thinking about making this actually.
  10. Can relate. In reality I dont actually want to be in a romantic relationship, but its the normative way to get commitment from a partner. What I actually want is a friend with some level of commitment so I dont need to be worried about being abandoned and left alone for the next best person
  11. Pretty sure I knew since I was 15 but just discovered it now in my early 20s
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