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Hiya! I've been around for some time, but it's taken a while for me to post. So I'm finally popping in to say hello!

I'm 28 years old and aroqueer. I suspected I was aro since high school, but I finally accepted the label about five years ago and have never looked back. 

Livin' that academic life and working on my PhD on psychopathology (as in the study of mental health, not psychopaths ?). I like to read (Brandon Sanderson, anyone?), think mushrooms are cool, and have recently gotten into D&D. 

I'm really glad to have found this space for aros, especially since it's difficult finding aros out in the wild. It's comforting to read about people's experiences and remembering that I'm not alone ?

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Hey, welcome!! I've been getting more into reading since quarantine started, I've been devouring YA novels that I haven't touched since middle school, since right now I just need something fun and easy to read. It's so interesting to see the range in quality between them; there's some hot garbage and there's some really entertaining stuff! My ebook hold on the first Percy Jackson book finally came in today, I'm so excited to ditch Warrior Cats to read it lmfaoooo

Also damn good luck with your PhD, I've heard that's a really tough area of study!! That's super impressive!

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