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  1. True, though it was not an experience I'd like to repeat! TPBM enjoys hiking.
  2. This thread makes me so happy! Thanks for starting this conversation, @Acecream. :) To mirror what others have said, finding the aro label and the community comes with a profound sense of freedom to live life according to your own values. I'm thankful that learning about my aromanticism has encouraged me to be way more critical of society's expectations and scripts for how life is supposed to work and how people are supposed to find happiness. Having that new approach to figuring out what feels authentic to me is invaluable, and I think it would've taken me a lot longer to discove
  3. Hello and welcome to Arocalypse! I don't have much to add, but I will say that if you're really interested in having a QPR or some kind of relationship with your squish it would be a good idea to sort out how you want to communicate that to her. Being honest about your feelings and finding a way to share that with her would be a good place to start. Good luck!
  4. That's so cool! I had a chance to study some topics in the field of judgment and decision making, and it really blew my mind. Blending those ideas with neuroscience would make for an excellent grad program.
  5. Hello! I'm glad you found this site, and I hope that the community can continue to be a good resource for you. :) Psych is so interesting! I studied it in undergrad and can totally see why you'd want to pursue studying it further. What's your focus in your grad program?
  6. Hello and welcome to Arocalypse! I hope this site helps you out. I've found it really nice to have a dedicated place to talk about aromanticism and arospec identities, so I hope you can find some clarity and talk with other people here. :) Feel free to reach out if you want!
  7. Hello and welcome! I'm glad you found this community. If you're looking for advice, I'd suggest you first read about people's experiences being aromantic (especially the "You might be aro if..." and "early signs you were aro" topics on this forum). The aro umbrella is quite nuanced and diverse, which can make it difficult to quickly determine if you're aro. I've found the most success reading about how others experience this orientation and then reflecting on how my experiences may mirror what I've read. I don't know much about your personal experience here, so I'll merel
  8. Hello and welcome! I'm glad you've found this site and feel comfy here. :)
  9. Rainy Robin

    Am I aro?

    Romantic attraction is fluid just like sexual attraction, so it's possible you could be aro! It might be useful to check out the aroflux label as well and hear about the experiences of aroflux people to see if anything is relatable.
  10. I know this probably isn't the most helpful advice, but I'd recommend you just pick the label that feels most natural to you. I think there are so many different ways to be aro or grayro, and whatever word feels best to you is the one you should go with! But if you're looking for other terms as well, you could check out quoiromantic or wtfromantic. Either term means that it's really hard to identify if you experience romantic attraction or not, and it could be a useful term to explore as you reflect on these things.
  11. Hello! Nice to meet you, and I'm glad you found this site! There are a lot of good resources here, and I'm sure that talking to people here will help you figure things out for yourself. Good luck :)
  12. Hello and welcome! I'm glad you decided to make an account here. I totally get that AVEN can feel daunting, so I hope you find this site a little more relaxed. 💚
  13. I totally agree with @mossy's point about how it could be relating to amatonormativity and the prevalence of romance in culture/media. Maybe it's relating to frustration or feeling disinterested when romance is brought up in a situation where it isn't necessary or expected? I've mainly heard of romance repulsion in the context of actually being in a romantic situation yourself (like being grossed out at the thought of kissing someone you're close with), though I'm sure those feelings can translate or influence your perspective on media and culture as well.
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