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Hi there! Looking for some new aro friends :D

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My name is Claudia, I'm 21 and I'm aro/ace. I'm from Brazil, actually, so I also speak Portuguese. I found out I was aro/ace... I think it has been three years already! It felt so right, specially the aromantic part. I'm a bit uncomfortable with romantic stuff, but it depends (I enjoy some romantic couples in fiction, usually when the couple had a friendship going on before the romantic stuff / The same for romantic couples in real life). I'm kinda difficult to deal with in a more intimate level (lots of trust issues, yay!). I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2014, and, well, too often living is a tough challenge.


I love watching tv series (some people say I watch way too many), reading books (when my attention spam is not in a bad shape) and spending (and wasting) time on the internet. I also love cats and really wish I could have one of my own. I'm a bit skeptic, but still find ways to have my own superstitions - and I also feel drawn to witchcraft from time to time (maybe some day I'll really go for it). 


I'm currently unemployed and I just dropped out of college. The academic system just doesn't work for me. I'm trying to learn things my own way and I hope someday I'll learn enough about programming to make a game and be a disciplined enough writer to write a book.


Anyways, I wanna meet new people and make some aro friends! 

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