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One Sentence Story


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Similar to the one word story thread, but I think it would be interesting to try writing one by sentences because one word tends to make everything really disjointed and awkward (not that that's a bad thing heheh). So basically just write one sentence per post and try to continue the story in a semi-logical manner (it doesn't have to make sense, but don't derail the story ;) ). Alright so I guess I go first...


Once upon a time, there was a man living alone in the woods.

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The man walked into the local tavern, looking for clues about the Mystical Witch who was rumored to be in possession of the first key.



I like that this immediately turned into a fantasy story. :D

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(oh boy)

I Spud agreed to give some information, but only after our protagonist solved three tricksy riddles.


(When I make a voice post, I am totally doing an audiobook-esque dramatic reading of this xD )

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Spud's first riddle was "everyone who has me believes that everyone has me. Everyone who finds me believes I cannot be lost. Everyone who believes me knows I cannot be trusted. Everyone who relies on me is doomed. But I am no one except for that I am created by everyone who wants me. What am I?"


I'm responsible for pulling you into this @Spud so thank me or scold me I guess

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