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One Sentence Story


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Once upon a time, there was a man living alone in the woods. The man was lonely. People said he should get into a romantic relationship, but he knew that that wouldn't help him. So he got into a car. He decided he would drive around the country, searching for people he could become friends with. Unfortunately, he never got his driver's license, so he was a terrible driver. But he drove anyway. And then, a magical moose appeared on the road. (Yes, I'm Canadian) He ran over the moose. (Yes, I'm American) He then put the dead moose into the boot of his car. And he became friends with the dead moose. He and the moose went everywhere in their wonderful QPR. People thought that their relationship was unnatural, and everyone they met was very vocal about this. But he knew that he could bring the moose back to life if he just found the holy Celtic Sheep of Life. (Yes, I'm Welsh) He just needed to travel around the world to find the 5 mystical keys to unlock the holy Celtic Sheep of Life's sanctuary.


The man walked into the local tavern, looking for clues about the Mystical Witch who was rumored to be in possession of the first key. He saw a shady looking fellow sitting in the corner. He was round and pale yellow, with lots of small spots and a stout body shape, almost like a potato! The person introduced themself as Spud and proceeded to tell the man about the upcoming Spudpocalypse. After a long discussion, he finally learned the whereabouts of the Mystical Witch- The city of Copenhagen- and to get her help he would have to be on the right side of the Arocalypse Spudpocalypse which Spud seemed to know more about than he was letting on! I Spud agreed to give some information, but only after our protagonist solved three tricksy riddles. Spud's first riddle was "everyone who has me believes that everyone has me. Everyone who finds me believes I cannot be lost. Everyone who believes me knows I cannot be trusted. Everyone who relies on me is doomed. But I am no one except for that I am created by everyone who wants me. What am I?"

"A Dalek," said the man after much thought.

"No! Not everyone has a Dalek and who would believe a Dalek in the first place. You need to realise the monumental influence of peoples' perception if you want to get anywhere on this quest," the potato cried "try again-"

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Unfortunately, being that Spud was invincible and almighty, when he tried to stab Spud with a fork, it just dinked off the side and Spud let out a mighty Roar of the Roasted Potato.


(If this is a picture book too, here is the Roasted Potato of Doom):


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Spud replied, "Relax. The story doesn't have to make sense! It makes dollars! Oh, and the witch is in that conveniently placed haunted house across the street."

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