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Reading Romeo and Juliet in English class?

A Confused Person

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Well, you've probably guessed from the title, but my class is reading Romeo and Juliet in our English class.  We also are watching the scenes from two movie versions, which is mostly cool. However, my class has gotten to the part where Romeo and Juliet are in looooove now apparently (which I think is stupid, they haven't even met for a full day) and they are kissing a hecking ton and that makes me very uncomfortable (right now I'm 95% sure I'm an aromantic/asexual person). Furthermore, my teacher keeps putting emphasis on the love and how love is great and marriage la dee dah when I'm sitting there like I'd really just rather live alone with a dog. They also keep making assignments about love and how it can affect/you/family/friends. Any survival tips on how to deal with this, at least until we're done with the book?

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Print this out and use it as a cover for all the work you have to submit. 



I had to dig a bit because they have been buried but here are some article links from the forums that might give you a different perspective, and you could work some into your assignments.

If your teacher gives you the proforma or criteria for marking and you address each section it has but with your own understanding of the question/topic then your teacher can't give you a bad score for not caring about love. (or if they do you can argue it as discrimination)









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2 hours ago, Apathetic Echidna said:



Print this out and use it as a cover for all the work you have to submit. 

Maybe call it a "Three Day Fling".


It is considered one of Shakespeare's tragedies. Thus an example of poor behaviour (or mental illness) on the part of the title characters. 


Another useful link is https://elizabethbrake.com/amatonormativity/

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Just remember that Shakespeare was making fun of Romeo and Juliet, that it was not meant to be the ultimate love story of all time and that only you in the class know the truth.


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