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  1. Ok, this is all in the title, but there's this girl I know who is really nice and in two of my classes. I think I have a squish on her, I always look forward to meeting her in her classes and being with her makes me happy. She has openly come out as bisexual and I don't know if she likes me back, but I do think she likes me as a friend. Next year, I don't have her in any of my classes or sports/clubs, but I also don't want to be a super clingy friend and text her 24/7 (I don't want to be annoying). What is some advice for staying in contact?
  2. I really like the song "FRIENDS" by Marshmello & Anne-Marie: It's not specifically aromantic but I get some good vibes from it.
  3. Well, you've probably guessed from the title, but my class is reading Romeo and Juliet in our English class. We also are watching the scenes from two movie versions, which is mostly cool. However, my class has gotten to the part where Romeo and Juliet are in looooove now apparently (which I think is stupid, they haven't even met for a full day) and they are kissing a hecking ton and that makes me very uncomfortable (right now I'm 95% sure I'm an aromantic/asexual person). Furthermore, my teacher keeps putting emphasis on the love and how love is great and marriage la dee dah when I'm sitting there like I'd really just rather live alone with a dog. They also keep making assignments about love and how it can affect/you/family/friends. Any survival tips on how to deal with this, at least until we're done with the book?
  4. Hello! I am new here, but I wondered if anyone else here gets the overwhelming desire to find a best friend? Not in a romantic way, but friends? I know that aromantics often get "squishes," (myself included) but those are usually with a specific person in mind. I'm talking about in general, I just really, really want to find a best friend I can rely on. Thanks, have a nice day! 😁
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