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What Are Your Favorite LGBT+ YouTube Channels?

The Angel of Eternity

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I like Parker J, he's trans; I actually started watching before he came out.  I watched a bit of Connie Glynn because she's aro (and bisexual) but she doesn't talk about it much.  I've seen some of Ash's stuff, they're pretty good.

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On 11/26/2018 at 10:00 PM, DavidMS703 said:

I felt her video about being aromantic was one of the best videos ever made on the topic. I sometimes give it as a resource to people who want to know more. She's become one of my favorite YouTubers since I discovered her from that because she's great at all kinds of videos.

i agree.  you've probably seen her video about why she's single, which since she made it before she came out does not include the reason that she's aro.  i actually related to what she said in it too, which i'm sure isn't a coincidence but i thought she made some good points without actually mentioning aromanticism.  and i do like some of her other videos. 

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5 hours ago, personallypantastic said:

I like Dan and Phil (they're like comfort viewing) I also like Watts the Safeword, and Thomas Sanders, Jessica Kellgren-Folzard, and I'm just getting into Lovely Lor. Generally I like to watch videos of people being happy and having fun.

dan and phil are my absolute favourites; i'm a huge, longtime fan.  i didn't list them since they only came out recently, as i'm sure you know--i'm super proud of them, by the way--but yeah, i love them so much.  and i've seen a few of jessica's videos because her style is the same one in which i design (i'm a fashion design student).

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I been watching a lot of Blaire White, Kalvin Garrah, Sam Collins, and Miss London. They our trans and I enjoy a lot of their contact regardless it’s about trans topic or other issues or vlogs or story time videos. They always make the most amazing and funny contact. I also like Jessie Paege (bisexual), MacDoesIt (gay), and Thomas Sanders (gay)

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