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Creative Stuff You're Proud of!

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What stuff have you create recently you're proud of?


This is mine. I actually think I did a pretty clever double entendre here:


“Look what I made you: It’s a friendship bracelet!”

“A friendship bracelet.” They stared at the ring of string with various little bits looped in it. “I mean I’m chuffed, buddy, but where’s the catch?”

“Oh, I didn’t make it with one. You just slip it on like...” Steven pushed the bracelet onto their wrist. “See? It’s for showing friends how much you care! Do you like it?”

They blinked, staring at the bracelet with an unreadable expression. “...Yeah. No catch.”


What about you guys? :D

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I integrated the word 'why' into the names of YouTubers for no good reason






Whyan Higa

Ray Whyliams Johnson

Whyella and ThatchwhyJoe

Alfwhy Deyes

Joe Whyller

Cal Whysie


Why Hate Everything


Grace Whylbig

Whyanda Sings



Epic Meal Whyme

Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Whyme


The Game Theorwhysts


Yogscast Lewhys, Swhymon, Duncwhyn, Sjwhyn & Swhyps

Hola Por qué German

The Whyne Brothers

Jenna Whybles

Whynoss Gaming

Epic Rap Battwhyles

Sky does Whynecraft


Buzzfeed- the Why Guys

and finally...

Louis Whypothetical

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As I often say when I talk about my YouTube channel, I'm scared of big brother google linking my anonymous forum accounts with my YouTube videos. Still, I composed and premiered a 9 minute marimba solo last year, and I take some pride in that composition. It's the only piece I've written that's really felt like my own, even if some parts come off like I'm simply mimicking certain ideas that I liked. If I keep composing, those kinds of things will smooth out as I find my compositional voice.


I also have a somewhat extensive list of song titles that I'm saving for future works, and the majority of them are puns. I often like to talk about what my magnum opus will be, but I'd rather not share it on the Internet and have someone beat me to it before I am ready to write it myself! :P

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Hmmm… I don't have much creative stuff to be proud of. Maybe a few times this week when I made my friends laugh because I made a joke. That's usually enough to make me happy/proud ^_^ 

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I knit almost 20 hats in 2 months around winter break this year after my roommate taught me circular needles in November. Not all of them were good hats, but they got better as I went along. I sent them to a ton of my friends who live far away and they really liked them which was cool. Knitting is the only creative thing I'm good at, but I did get pretty good (and fast) at simple hats now. 

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Guess this goes here since writing's creative. I'm proud of my over 200 stories I've written. Some of them are ready, some are not but each of them has a different plot, some have same characters, some are fanfics and some my original works. I'm especially proud of those couple of long stories I've actually finished and I'm going to be really proud if I ever finish my current original work-in-process. It's going to be HUGE. And I'm going to try and publish it. 

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On 11/4/2016 at 9:18 PM, Blue Phoenix Ace said:

My two albums on Ektoplazm are my babies. Third one should be out later this year.


Awesome, I love goa and progressive and this is really excellent ! I'm looking forward to discovering the next album :) 

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On 11/04/2016 at 5:18 AM, Blue Phoenix Ace said:

My two albums on Ektoplazm are my babies. Third one should be out later this year.

Dude I saw the DL numbers on your albums, thats crazy!! And I like your music, the bass is nice B|

18 hours ago, Zemaddog said:

I guess this sort of counts. My school made me take a religion class in year 11, which i spent a large amount of time doing stuff like this:


Love it, finally a use for all that math :P

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