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Uhh... Who is Papo?

Digestive Biscuits

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I've noticed a few people have Papo as their profile picture, but didn't think much about it.


But I just saw that we have, like, 20 emojis for them.


I can't find anything about it on Google, and there was one thread where someone was asking the same thing, but it ended in the execution of Mr Squiggles, who is but isn't Papo?


So, uh... who are they? And what's their story? :D




(Or would finding out ruin Papo? :darthpapo:)

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I'm fairly new as well, but from what I gather, it was a typo on the chat that became a running joke. There was a previous joke about potatoes, and then someone accidentally typed "popapo", which became "papo", which ultimately became this little guy :papo:, and all his variations. This thread explains in more detail:


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