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  1. I've noticed a few people have Papo as their profile picture, but didn't think much about it. But I just saw that we have, like, 20 emojis for them. I can't find anything about it on Google, and there was one thread where someone was asking the same thing, but it ended in the execution of Mr Squiggles, who is but isn't Papo? So, uh... who are they? And what's their story? (Or would finding out ruin Papo? )
  2. https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/3/26/16291562/asexuality-tv-history-bojack-shadowhunters-game-of-thrones Article goes into detail about asexuality representation in TV. Author identifies as asexual aromantic. Since asexuality and aromantism goes hand in hand, I thought you guys would enjoy this. I'm hetrosexual yet still enjoyed it, and thought it was well written.
  3. So, considering some of the things you have said about staying with your wife because you think you still have feelings, you resisting the, what I assume to be, romantic feelings you are developing for other people and the fact this is posted in off topic, I assume you are alloromantic. This isn't really the best place for your type of relationship advice, considering the fact that most of us can't fully relate. That doesn't mean we can't help, but our opinions are coming from the mouths of people who are on the arospectrum, and thus have much different experiences of our own. As for you issue, my opinion is that your relationship doesn't seem to be very healthy in it's current state. It appears she is very controlling, and you feel like you can't be yourself, so objectively it sounds quite toxic. The only things I can suggest is, if you haven't already, try talking to her about how you feel, and try to keep it escalating into a fight. I know lots of people in relationships that can freely go out and do things with other people, so don't think it is unusual for you to want the same. Ultimately though, if that doesn't work, then maybe it is time to move on. Relationships don't always work out, but it's always important to learn from them. In saying that, it's not my place for me to tell you when you should end your relationship; it fully comes down to you and what you feel. Good luck.
  4. Oh wait, the term wasn't coined by the aromantic community? That is pretty cool OK, I understand now. I hope it goes a little more mainstream so then we can use it as a reference point when discussing aromantism.
  5. Sounds just like a QPR, but at work! I imagine it could include a sexual aspect for us allosexuals, although I don't think it would be great to mix sex with work... Also, I imagine a work-wife would be the same thing, except female. I'm not a massive fan on the term 'wife' or 'husband' though, as it implies a long-term commitment, which makes me uncomfortable. Still, doesn't have to be long term.
  6. Hmm... It's very difficult to judge someone's orientation from the outside for obvious reason, the only one who can know for certain is the person themselves, or in this case C. If he says he's aromantic, even if he 'contradicts' that statement with his actions, then he's still almost certainly aromantic. If, in say a month or so, he says he's demiromantic, the his orientation has changed and he's almost certainly demiromantic. His romantic actions could be coming from a place of platonic love. Being aromantic doesn't mean he doesn't want to engage with you with these actions. When he says he loves you, he's possibly tapping into that platonic love. To him, love might mean that, and it's genuine. He obviously cares about you a lot, otherwise he wouldn't be saying things like "spending the rest of your lives together". His actions sounds like it might be his true way of expressing himself to you. I don't think your relationship is toxic, quite the opposite actually. I think C might be uncomfortable with titles, so perhaps you should discuss with him more the "dos and do nots" of your relationship rather than name it. Specifically ask him what he wants. I wouldn't bring up your relationship by calling it a 'romantic relationship' anymore with him, unless he's happy with calling it such (this isn't to downplay your relationship though, it's simply to make him more comfortable. A relationship can be anything you want it to be). You could simply call it "our relationship" if a title is really necessary. Also, please please please don't change your behaviour now that he's come out! It's not easy to tell someone that you're aromantic, and to change your behaviour because of it can been extremely hurtful! If you do feel like you've fallen out of feelings for him and truly can't act the same, then at least tell him that. Anyway, that's my relatilnship advice from a aromantic who has never been in a serious relationship, so take it all with a grain of salt Let us know what you decide to do.
  7. Oh man, that's pretty much exactly what I want... If you don't mind me asking, is your friend alloromantic or aromantic? And if they are alloromantic, does it effect anything or play much into both of you living together?
  8. I love this I don't have anything really much to say about adopting kids with your PPP or QPR, but it's definitely something I'd be interested in future.
  9. I live in Australia, so casual swearing is pretty regular. Although occasionally you come across someone who take offence to it, which makes things awkward....
  10. A QPR, to me, would be a monogamous relationship with someone I'm happy to do some certain things with that are usually only done in romantic relationships. These things include probably living together, chipping into finances and saving for a house, sex (Since I'm sexual), but also perhaps testing the waters on what romantic actions I'm happy to do, such as trying out hand holding and kissing. But like everyone else said, the nature of a QPR is entirely dependant on what the people in the QPR want.
  11. I've come out to friends. It's nice, as long as your friends are accepting, although I've found they're not as particularly romantic themselves as most. I have one friend that is gay, so we both have the common ground that we've both different. So overall, it's been a good experience. I don't think I could tell my family though. I think it'd confuse them rather than cause them to be upset though, and ultimately they want whatever makes me happy, so there's really no point in explaining aromanticism to them. If they ask why I'm still single, i'll just simply tell them I'm not interested in dating, but I'm happy.
  12. Yep, definitely. I'm heterosexual, yet consider myself aromantic. It comes with it's own set of challenges different from asexuals (particularly figuring out that you're actually aromantic can be difficult, so well done!), although I wouldn't say being one is better than the other.
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