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Just to say Hello .. Have I come to the wrong place .. :D ??

Old Goat

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Just a few words about myself.

I found the term "Aromantic" interesting because I have never experienced "falling in love" and I wondered if anybody else 'out there' knows about that .. ?
I thought the term 'aromantic' may be a right way to describe it, since I also don't like the whole romantic 'theatre', its rituals and rules.
I don't like them, they don't make sense to me, and I can't find out how to do it ...

BUT!! - and here's the catch ...
I have always had a pretty intense sexuality, and I am very attracted to women .. both sexually and emotionally.
So I'm not sure if I 'fit in' since it seems like most of the members here are asexual.
I have read somewhere that an "aromantic" is not nessecarily "asexual", but reading some of the entries on this forum makes me a bit confused ...

The combination og being unable to fall in love, and to have a pretty lively sexuality, is quite hard to handle, to say the least ...
I haven't had a relationship of any kind - sexuak or otherwise - since my divorce about 30 years ago, and it is really quite frustrating ..


It's all a bit hard to explain, and as I am not english speaking (I am danish) it sometimes is a challenge to find the right words ...

But anyway, here I am ... questions and comments are of course welcome

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Hello :)

we accept all sorts of people to the community so I am sure there is a place for you. Even if you have some issues with English I hope you find some interesting things in the forums. One word you might find helpful is 'Limerance' which is the intense falling-in-love experience, I actually never heard of this word before I started hanging around these forums but I have found it very useful in communicating ideas. 

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@Apathetic Echidna 

Yep ... !!  - Thanks a lot!
I stumbled upon the word 'Limerance' in another thread ...
You are right, it makes it a lot easier to express some points ...

In fact, I tried Google Translate to see if I could translate the word to Danish ...
It could not ...
But we have a very commonly word in Danish, used to describe just that sort of affection .. and it makes it easier to express that "falling in love" and "love" are in fact two very different things ...

OK, so I am, in fact, "Alimeranceatic" ... :D  :D

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