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  1. Thankyou so much, I feel atm like i fit somewhere between aegosensuality and acorsensuality. Having a name, even for just myself to know, really helps me.
  2. Thankyou all for your responses- its comforting to know I'm not the only one...
  3. So about 4mths ago I posted this: Anyway, long story short- still touch averse. But recently I've been finding that having close proximity to squishes/my 'safe people' is really nice, and yeah, idk how to describe it. Kinda just like, more relaxed, and comfortable- and when I'm not around them I find myself craving it. Recently I've been finding that I want that safe feeling in some form of touch (hugging) but I'm still touch averse, and when I actually imagine myself doing it with a specific person I'm almost repulsed and left feeling empty and lonely. Does anyone else experience this? sensual desire not tied to a specific person and still completely non-romo and non-sexual?
  4. (as much as my hate for the phase...) "Everyone's in the 'friend zone'."
  5. I did it last year, a couple of days before I'd gotten really into making origami butterflies. I made a bunch of them for my friends, a couple with encouraging poems and stuff, this was even before I realised I was ace. I felt pretty good about, but then an older student who knew some of my friends mocked me so... Guess I wont be doing that again...
  6. I used to play in the inter-school team but I had a change in my time table so it doesnt work any more. Every chance i get to play I do though
  7. I dont think that's necessary, I was just wondering if anyone had felt this.
  8. Sure, I'll stick a by line somewhere. Thanks
  9. That looks great- can I use this for my school? I've tried explaining aro to people but some just dont get it, this might help...
  10. Hello I also play volleyball, have been for like 5yrs, have to stop this year though also socially awkward... the story sounds great!
  11. Welcome to arocaplypse! Fellow aroace here...
  12. 1) i have zero idea 2) yes. I have experienced 'heart-break' when I've been forced to split within my platonic relationships. 3) Is a QTR like a QPR? If so I'd say its own thing. purple is neither red nor blue- similarly QPRs can neiether be described as simply romantic nor platonic. 4) I think that there are the current ratio of aros to allos for a reason- changing it would mess with the natural way somewhere along the line...
  13. yeah I can relate too. one of the most helpful things I've ever found is saying out loud to myself "I love ___________." or "I love you." For me being aro I have a need to say "but platonicly" somewhere after. Idk, I've found that helpful in telling that my squishes are in fact squishes and not crushes.
  14. just as @time-is-ticking said sexuality and romantic orientation are separate and therefore can be different. And Welcome
  15. Welcome to Arocalyse! Fellow AroAce (aromantic asexual) here. physics and math interest me too
  16. Welcome to Arocalypse (and as a fellow ace, some cake...)
  17. Welcome to Arocalypse I also found this site through AVEN
  18. [I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, please move if it belongs somewhere else] So, just wondering if anyone else had heard of this- the avatar effect: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1242409/The-Avatar-effect-Movie-goers-feel-depressed-suicidal-able-visit-utopian-alien-planet.html Pretty much, a large number people were getting sad, depressed, and some suicidal after watching the film Avatar. From the articles I've read, they felt this way because the world of Avatar was so beautiful, and we could never have that, we could never experience it truly for ourselves. Which brings me to my point- I've been experiencing a similar sad, empty feeling after watching pretty much any film recently (though not to the point of depressive episodes and/or suicidal thoughts). I went to see the new Jumanji film, The Greatest Show Man, and Downsized in cinemas recently, they were all great films (and I'd recommend them to anyone who asks) however, after each of them, even during, I felt sad in the way described by the Avatar effect. The difference for me though was that i didn't crave the beautiful world, but instead I wanted the connections the characters had. Specifically those in relationships. I'm sex and romance repulsed/adverse (somewhere in between) but long-term long for a QPR. But being younger its hard to find someone who wants that kind of relationship even in a short term way (like dating, but QP), so I feel quite lonely and all these films are just making it worse, even if they're not romance films. Has anyone else experienced this?
  19. i hate being touched in a sexual way (by myself, and obviously haven't let anyone else try). generally- i'm fine with touching myself- it doesnt really work to just imagine someone else touching me. I either just know its me or if i imagine someone else well enough I still get uncomfortable.
  20. the regular- try to eat healthier & exercise more. new- start learning dutch (started) and AUSLAN
  21. Welcome, fellow trekkie here!
  22. update: one of my friends have agreed to help me try and become a bit less touch repulsed. we've talked about how we're going to take it (very) slowly and come up with a general idea of how we'll start. It's probably going to be a bit uncomfortable, but its someone i trust explicitly and who i know will respect me, and hopefully it will mean that in the future i can be hugged by my QPP...
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