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  1. Thankyou so much, I feel atm like i fit somewhere between aegosensuality and acorsensuality. Having a name, even for just myself to know, really helps me.
  2. Thankyou all for your responses- its comforting to know I'm not the only one...
  3. So about 4mths ago I posted this: Anyway, long story short- still touch averse. But recently I've been finding that having close proximity to squishes/my 'safe people' is really nice, and yeah, idk how to describe it. Kinda just like, more relaxed, and comfortable- and when I'm not around them I find myself craving it. Recently I've been finding that I want that safe feeling in some form of touch (hugging) but I'm still touch averse, and when I actually imagine myself doing it with a specific person I'm almost repulsed and left feeling empty and lonely. Does anyone else experience this? sensual desire not tied to a specific person and still completely non-romo and non-sexual?
  4. (as much as my hate for the phase...) "Everyone's in the 'friend zone'."
  5. I did it last year, a couple of days before I'd gotten really into making origami butterflies. I made a bunch of them for my friends, a couple with encouraging poems and stuff, this was even before I realised I was ace. I felt pretty good about, but then an older student who knew some of my friends mocked me so... Guess I wont be doing that again...
  6. I used to play in the inter-school team but I had a change in my time table so it doesnt work any more. Every chance i get to play I do though
  7. I dont think that's necessary, I was just wondering if anyone had felt this.
  8. Sure, I'll stick a by line somewhere. Thanks
  9. That looks great- can I use this for my school? I've tried explaining aro to people but some just dont get it, this might help...
  10. Hello I also play volleyball, have been for like 5yrs, have to stop this year though also socially awkward... the story sounds great!
  11. Welcome to arocaplypse! Fellow aroace here...
  12. 1) i have zero idea 2) yes. I have experienced 'heart-break' when I've been forced to split within my platonic relationships. 3) Is a QTR like a QPR? If so I'd say its own thing. purple is neither red nor blue- similarly QPRs can neiether be described as simply romantic nor platonic. 4) I think that there are the current ratio of aros to allos for a reason- changing it would mess with the natural way somewhere along the line...
  13. yeah I can relate too. one of the most helpful things I've ever found is saying out loud to myself "I love ___________." or "I love you." For me being aro I have a need to say "but platonicly" somewhere after. Idk, I've found that helpful in telling that my squishes are in fact squishes and not crushes.
  14. just as @time-is-ticking said sexuality and romantic orientation are separate and therefore can be different. And Welcome
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