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  1. Hi people! I'm back from technical difficulties!

  2. Man, my neighbor flipped off a bunny for shaking its butt at them, and then another one of my neighbor got inspired and flipped off a squirrel for not shaking its butt at them. And they're all 8. (My neighbors, not the animals lol) This is a quote thread. Ok. "Are y'all sleeping already? Its still 11:00 PM." "Are y'all still sleeping? Its already 5:00 AM." "*peers over the side of the bed* Hey. Hey there. Wake up, its 7." "SIR, you goin' too vroom vroom." "THAT ISN'T A BAG OF DORITOS YOU DOOFUS, IT'S A CONTAINER OF SALT!" "yo, ya got stupid maths for me?" "Trigonometry triggers me" "Uhm, I will tell you, that's not how you use a knife." "HEY, STOP FLIPPIN' CHICKEN KILLING PEOPLE!" "Oh mah gosh, why would you draw a chicken ice cream with chocolate milk and cheese?"
  3. So, I have been on here for a while, gained some popularity, but never officially introduced myself, sooooo... Hi, I'm N1GHTM4R3/Nightmare, but I more commonly go by P4R4D0X/Paradox when online. I do art (currently mostly digital, but I do physical drawing as well), I play the harp, I do stuff with OCs (original characters), mine or others, enjoy watching random educational videos about things that I should not know, and I am actually rather good at giving advice. (I dunno how to introduce myself, help) My friends call me a hyper-intelligent being with an entire different dimension in her pocket, for whatever that's worth. And by the way, I am 12 at the time of writing this. If you are wondering about the title, its cuz my friends all seem to fall under the category of Strange People, me included.
  4. I actually didn't have a tv for most of my life, so that sucks, but somehow I got myself into illustrating my friend's book, so that's pretty great.
  5. N1GHTM4R3

    teen corner

    Lol I wish there was enough space on a table to fit the absolutely dumb amount of things I shove in my pockets :p
  6. Yup! Never caused chaos with you in my life!
  7. If friendship is essentially choosing a family, then a friend group should essentially be you chosen family. By that logic I have at least 7 different families including biological.
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