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  1. @Star Girl I've started doing that recently too.
  2. I generally tend to swear as exclamation, emphasis and as part of jokes, although I can casually swear sometimes. How much I swear really depends, although I tend to swear less in text than in spoken words.
  3. My dad visited for a while and although he knows I'm ace, he seemed to combine asexuality with aromanticism. He thinks all aces aren't interested in marriage.

    1. Mark


      Assuming that everyone is perioriented, has the same sexual and romantic orientation, is the default assumption within society. Even to the extent that sexual orientation will be used in contexts where romantic orientation would make more sense (e.g. marriage).
      For varioriented people only allo aces appear to have much in the way of recognition or advocacy.

  4. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I feel that asexuality is much easier for the general audience to understand compared to aromanticism.
  5. @IceHurricane I've heard of it! It sounds great
  6. I'd rather wait for a video game to be downloaded through my shit internet speeds (Our internet speed in general here is shit, but Zema's is great ) than get married.
  7. Banned because you're not edgy enough.
  8. I'm offended that you laid down an Echidna rug. Ouch...
  9. 1924. We've been slacking off on this thread for too long!
  10. I'm offended because you don't have an avatar.
  11. I'd rather eat chocolate truffles than get married.
  12. We have over 700 members now! :o:aropride:

    1. Apathetic Echidna
    2. Star Girl

      Star Girl

      I only see 649... have we lost some?

  13. I'd rather chat on the Discord server than get married.
  14. I'm from Western Australia.
  15. I'd rather pet Hilda ( @Momo's cat) than get married.
  16. Controlling your heartbeat sounds weird, but I'd choose that out of the two. WYR watch a livestream or a deathstream?
  17. Ace of Amethysts


  18. Now if only I hadn't been a stressed idiot.
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