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  1. yup! i have a long distance relationship partner right now and that doesn't erase the fact that im on the aro spectrum :)
  2. Indeed, it's like they don't even try to listen and just put up a wall there. And yeah :( I did what I could... What I'm still speechless about is that he said that he is not really interested on educating himself on the issue, can't believe it... Thanks! Hahaha literally, I just started telling him to look up about it in the bunch of helpful resources out there on google
  3. I confronted my friend on gender ≠ biological sex and he kept on saying that they’re the same thing, that there are only 2 genders and some other nonsense. I recently started to question my gender (might be bigender) and it was really exhausting trying to explain it to him. I feel down and I really want to send him more proofs of what I said, but he’s too stubborn.
  4. False! TPBM likes to wear rings
  5. Hey Alexander! I loved reading about your journey and I'm really glad you're happy and found who you are. For me, it all started 4 years and a half ago. I first questioned my sexuality, I have always thought that I'm bisexual (and biromantic), since at some point I started noticing attraction to women, I wanted to date them too. After a while, that attraction to women stopped and I identified as straight again. Throughout the years, I've been remembering when I first questioned my sexuality and I was pretty sure I was straight until 2020, when I started questioning again. I first identified as bisexual, then biromantic heterosexual, but I wasn’t sure of the bi part, so I stopped labeling myself and just said I was questioning. This year, I started going deeper in the community and learnt about a lot of identities. I eventually ended up reading about the aromantic spectrum. As it happened to you, something clicked. It all made sense. I've spent a long time wondering how love feels, why I can't fall in love, how I can fall in love... The answer was right in front of me. However, the aromantic label didn't feel completely right, so I read more and found out the other labels in the aro spectrum. At first, I labeled myself as cupioromantic, due to the fact that I felt that I wanted to experience being in a romantic relationship, but I stopped caring about that, so I went for the grayromantic label. I'm actually happy that I found a label that fits me and I'm glad I stopped thinking that someone would come and "save" me or something, and we would have a romantic relationship after that lol. I just desire special friendships now, a QPR would be nice too. Now, regarding my bisexuality. Before learning about the aro spectrum, I thought that I wouldn’t mind if “the right person” for me was a male or not, and I wouldn’t mind sleeping with someone of any gender either. So after reading about the arospec and considering how I would be and sleep with someone of any gender, I also labeled myself as bisexual. It was a whole journey and I have to say that I'm still exploring myself, but I feel good with my labels right now and I'm really happy about it :)
  6. Hello! I think you might be aromantic. You can check the label Aegoromantic, it's a microlabel that might fit :)
  7. Oh, I'd love to read that! Wish the best for you~ I've heard about some of the books you recommended. I'm really interested in Dazai Osamu's "No Longer Human", maybe I'll start with that one. Thanks!
  8. @Jot-Aro Kujo Haha nice to meet you too!
  9. Thank you Alexander! Oh really? Cool! I rarely find people who have the same interests as me. Books are good too, I like them but it’s hard for me to read them, I prefer to write them hahah. Would you recommend me some books that you liked tho? I’d love to start reading more since I want to write some books :)
  10. Hi hi, I'm Kiara, nice to meet y'all! I have been questioning my romantic orientation and my sexuality for a while, I had chosen not to label myself and see what happens in the past because I wasn't sure of anything, but when I heard about aromanticism everything changed. It was strange, suddenly something fit as I was reading about all the labels in the spectrum and even though it was quite hard to define which one I identified with the most, I finally found the label that I feel more comfortable with: grayromantic. It was really hard to understand the spectrum at first, and there are still some things I don't understand pretty well, like, what exactly is romantic attraction? Some concepts are a little bit similar (crush and squish, for example) and aromanticism can be different for each person. I hope I can learn and understand even more with time and I have to say that I'm really happy to be here! To tell a little bit more about myself, I like writing, singing, dancing, films and anime the most. I like other stuff, but those are the things I like the most :) Once again, I'm glad to be here and nice to meet y'all!
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