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  1. So from what I'm seeing is that chromosomes impact our gender in someway. Would someone with a chromosomal disorder(i.e. trisomy disorders) have a higher chance of having dysphoria about their birth gender?
  2. This may be due to the fact that I like to draw, but, when other people see some person mostly exposed and see them as attractive. I see them as art references, especially when they have muscles, very fun to draw. I like to look up psychology facts and when there were ones about love, I didn't think to keep these so I can apply them to my own experiences. nope, instead I told my sister and then just forgot about what ever I just said. unlike a lot of you from what I've read, I am very interested in romantic stories, doesn't have to be the main plot, but I enjoy it. when I read or w
  3. How does one tell the difference between a squish, mesh, and a crush? I've had something I wasn't sure if it was a squish or a mesh, but definitely wasn't a crush. for people who don't know, a mesh is used to describe alterous attraction towards someone. alterous attraction is the grey area between squish and a crush, hence the name mesh.
  4. true, I have a beautiful cat TPBM likes art
  5. I'm Stacky, currently identifies as a asexual blob of red. Could be aro or grey-ro or something, not sure. But hi
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