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  1. There's no opposite of amatonormativity. Amatonormative is the systematic idea that love, specially monogamous/monoamorous romantic love, is needed and universal. Amatonormativity is not exclusive of monoamorous romantic people, as there are a lot of polyamorous people and/or alloplatonic/alloalterous arospec that have extremely amatonormative ideas too. There's no opposite of amatonormativity because there's no system that put love in every form as inherently bad and oppress those who express it.
  2. You know how alterous attraction is often described as something in between romantic and platonic attraction? well, I feel physical attraction, I'm sure of that, and I know is not of the sensual type as I'm even repulsed by kisses, hugs and all that stuff, but I don't think the attraction I feel, as I feel it could be accurately classified as either sexual or aesthetic, I think it's a mix of both. Do you think it's possible to experience a physical attraction that's in between aesthetic and sexual attraction? Is there a name for that?
  3. I'm genderqueer. You can call yourself genderqueer and just genderqueer, because that's the thing with genderqueer. It can be a lot of things: A gender, an umbrella term or a modifier meaning "non-normative". But in it's origin it just meant "gender non-normative" and was in fact created by an AMAB woman who didn't like the normativity predominant in the trans community. Genderqueer and non-binary are not the same. Genderqueer was created as a anti-assimilationist non-normative equivalent of transsexual (transgender came later), while "non-binary" means you aren't 100% male or a 100% female. Non-binary is politically neutral, genderqueer is not (just like everything with the word "queer" in it) This terms are not the same and they are definitively not used in the same way.
  4. I'd like to help writing an article in Spanish. There's only an article about romantic orientation in that language and it only contains a line on arromanticism and it never even explains what romantic attraction is.
  5. My mom and some of my friends know, but I don't care a lot about telling other people. I don't have this "I must be out to everyone" thing. I just live my life and my sexuality the way a feel it
  6. I don't want biological children, but I do want to adopt.
  7. Sexual attraction is a mystery to me. I know I'm not asexual, but not sure I'm allosexual either. I can see someone and think they're hot/sexy, I can see the sex appeal other people may have and understand and appreciate erotism, but I rarely see a person and think "I'd f*ck them". I'm also completely indifferent about sex; I'm not repulsed by it, but I can live without it, it's unimportant to me.
  8. Genderqueer is not a gender in itself, but more of a political instance about gender. It means your view of gender is non-normative. you can relate to womanhood in a non-normative way, you can be a genderqueer woman; and if being a genderquuer woman is a possibility, so is being a genderqueer lesbian. There's also the fact that woman is not the only feminine gender and a lot of feminine non binary people are, and always have been, part of lesbian and sapphic spaces.
  9. I was raised catholic and I went to a progressive catholic school. I do believe in God, but I do not agree with some aspects of catholic and otherwise christian doctrine, so I simply consider myself a theist. I'm learning about other abrahamic religions, but I don't have plans on reverting at the moment.
  10. Interesting. Where can I find this book?
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