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  1. Hi, everyone! My name is Kejanae, I'm sixteen years old and I've always had this level of uncertainty about my sexuality. For about a month I was in this constant rotation from hetero, bi, pan, and ace. After doing some serious research, I've finally decided to identify as an aromantic bisexual. 💚💜 I've always felt sexual attraction towards males and females, but I've never really wanted to pursue relationships with them. I'm very excited to join this community! So far I've only come out to one person, but hopefully I'll be brave enough to tell my family some day, I'm just afraid that they won't really understand me. Besides that, I consider myself to be a very easy-going person. I love psychology and personality tests (I'm and INFJ, and Enneagram 4w5). I love to sing even though Im kinda terrible at it, my faorite color is yellow, and I really, REALLY like ducks. Nice to meet you all, and I hope to find some friends. ttyl!
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