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  1. A reference would be nice: ))) And ill see what i can do
  2. Of course! Even if I dont rally know who it is, I can look up some pictures as reference. Any flag is fine
  3. Started!! :)) https://photos.app.goo.gl/kHTfmY6dPHF28Yg2A
  4. anything really, like a character with a pride shirt or flag etc. an oc, or even yourself.
  5. I'm currently in a drawing mode and i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to ask :))) (i also have commissions open so if you'd like to request, feel free to message me)
  6. I second that! we need to revive this thread. For me, i think it all depends on the person and their experiences. I myself have always avoided romance so im not sure whether or not its connected to my Aspergers.
  7. Krispy™

    Body Mods

    id really like to get a small wrist tattoo at some point, one like probably looks like this im such a nerd for music lol
  8. Ive started selling art commitions so if your interested, please feel free to message me whenever and ill see what i can do :))

  9. Here in Rhode Island we have Providence Pride and i plan on going on the 15th :)))
  10. it could be good either way. if you want to mention it though, i would do it in a subtle way and make sure its not to focused on.
  11. Also, changed my discord





  12. Guess whos back :)))))))

  13. I would say you might be lith. It also could just be avoidant attachment style. You don't have to have a specific answer for what you feel, no one really knows everything about what they feel. You can change or feel differently. It is possible to become aro, especially if you have events in your life that lead to it. I don't think that that you've changed, you have may have been on the spectrum and just never noticed because there were never really any instances where you would realize. One place where i find is very helpful to look through is https://twitter.com/MyUmbrellaUK. Having a sexuality should not be seen as a way to weigh yourself down as only one thing. It is common to change over time or as you have more experience, especially when you are on the ace/aro spectrum due to the many different definitions there are for the many different types of love and peoples reactions to relationships. You should never feel like if you call yourself lith or anything you would have to stay that way forever. Also, how you feel is a thing that many people think, so your not alone. I hope this helps at least a little, and feel free to message me again if you need to ask anything else, or if you just want to talk ((:
  14. Aromantic Awareness Week!!!

    Spread awareness and don't forget that I'm always here if anyone wants to chat 💚💚💚


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