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Hello! I'm Baer, I'm obviously new here. I'm not entirely sure if I'm regular aro or grayro, but leaning regular aro. I'm omnisexual though. I've only met one other allo-aro person irl and I heard of this place through a book I found in my public library "Ace and Aro Journeys" by TAAAP. I'm also a relationship anarchist, polyamorous, autistic, classical Marxist (as opposed to Marxist-Leninist), agender, and colorblind. I'm also a Zen Buddhist and I practice Shinto. I love philosophy, mostly the Asian traditions. I'm also a fan of Doctor Who and Star Trek. Oh, obligatory "I'm vegan". Btw, I'm 25 years old. Any thing else, feel free to ask! I try to be an open book.

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Welcome! It would be interested to hear more about if these different ideals and practices of yours are influenced or influences your aro identity. For comparison some posters has for example written about their experience being aro christians

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