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Hiii I’m New!!

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Uhh hello! I’m Dani! I’m 17, I’m non-binary and go by they/them pronouns. 
I was on TrevorSpace talking abt wanting to make aro friends and someone over there told me about this site so here I am! 

As far as my orientation goes, I am an asexual cupioromantic lesbian. Which sounds super confusing but maybe it’s less confusing to people who are actually aromantic?? I haven’t met many aro people before. 

But as far as me as a person goes. I am pretty social anxious and I have a hard time meeting people and making friends. I’m graduating high school in a month! I did online school because of my social anxiety, and honestly I’m kind of behind in… every aspect because of it lol. I’m also like simultaneously the smartest and dumbest person you’ll ever meet. Like I can give really in-depth opinions and advice at times, and then I will turn around and ask a really obvious question. My friend on multiple occasions has sent me videos of animals staring blankly and said “that’s you” so do with that information what you will. Um I really like romance media, which is really funny to admit given where I’m admitting it. I specifically really like dating and roleplay asmr! They are fun to meeee. I also really like horror stuff! Um I like to read and write when I can find the energy to do so. I like making ocs. As for smaller things I really like: the ocean, wolves, bugs that don’t fly, religious imagery, pretty flowery words, vampires, and cowboys! And apparently I also like yapping a lot if this huge ass post hadn’t made that clear lol. 

So yeah, nice to meet everyone here! I’m thinking about joining the Discord server but I’m kinda nervous :’)) 

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13 hours ago, Ekaterina said:

Hello, welcome! Hope you will feel comfortable here. 

Oh hello! Thank you sm ^^

8 hours ago, TrueEvergreen said:

Welcome! Hope you like it here!

Hi!! Thank youuuu :) 

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