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Just a weirdo making her first step

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Well... hello ☺️

I'm a girl who's exploring her romantic orientation and sexuality, I'm a little confused right now but also really curious! I haven't had so many experiences so far but I've always had an aromantic approach to anything romance-related. I can feel a loooot of love for people, I value my friends and family so much, I also enjoy hugs and physical contact but when it comes to romance I feel scared and uncomfortable...

I also identify as greysexual (somewhere into the asexual spectrum for sure). I got libido but I barely feel sexual attraction to someone specific.

But as I said I'm quite confused at the moment and I hope to find relief in sharing my thoughts with y'all and reading your words ❤️

So thank you for existing as a community, I've just joined but I already feel less alone

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23 hours ago, Ekaterina said:

Hello, welcome! Happy to be of help if needed 🥰

Thank you so much, it's heartwarming to feel this support ❤️

14 hours ago, Nagito said:

Hello and welcome!

Thank you 🫶

11 hours ago, alto said:


Thank you ☺️

26 minutes ago, MondoBilby said:

Helloooo!! Welcome to the forum! :)

Thank you soooo much ❤️

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