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Aromantic (I suppose asexual too?) music

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Anyone got any good music for me?

I know 

Never been in love

Crush culture


This is home (the beginning line is "often I am upset, that I cannot fall in love but I guess this avoids the stress of falling out of it")

But that's about it, anyone got any for me?

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The entirety of Aromanticism by Moses Sumney, Oh No by Marina, I suppose Love the Subhuman Self by Daisuke Ishiwatari and AISHA if you ignore the context of Millia's weird history with Zato lol

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Romance Is Boring - Los Campesinos

The Record Player Song - Daisy the Great

Girlfriend is Better - Talking Heads

Birthday Baby - Tori Amos

Universal Experience - The Klittens

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Boyfriend by COIN

I Don't Wanna Dance by COIN (I love songs where people don't want to dance, and dance means "to mingle" in these songs)

I Don't Want Love by The Antlers

You Can Make Me Want You by Suzi Quatro

Call Me The Breeze by Lynryd Skynyrd

Alone and Sublime by Mother Mother

Me, Myself, and I by G-Eazy, Bebe Rexha

Myself by Bazzi

I Don't Want Kids by Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq, Ben Dawson

(I Got Spurs That) jingle Jangle Jingle by Kay Kriser and His Orchestra

Make The Grade by Jack Conte

I'd Rather Be A Stone by Thomas Hien

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Here's a few more just for fun:

Too Sweet and Someone New by Hozier

What Do You Want Me To Say? by Dismemberment Plan

I Don't Want a Nuclear Family by Sharp Shock

Girl Alone by Mother Mother

Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks

People Will Say We're In Love by The Oklahoma Musical Cast

I Won't Send Roses by The Mack & Mabel Musical, Jerry Herman and Robert Preston (a problematic musical, but I thought this song was so aro)

I Like Being A Bitch! by Trip Kissing

Weird Girl by Mommy Long Legs

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